The Age of Kings

The Journal of Xavian Grey Part VI

Xavian's Journal

July 10, 542
The past couple of days have not been easy. To be completely honest, I am surprised that we are all even alive at this point. It all started when we discovered the old sycamore tree that was rumored to be the lair for a community of goblins. Upon arrival Xavkul got the whim to try and chop the tree down with his great axe. This is probably the worst possible thing that could have happened. The rest of us stood in horror as he began hacking away at the tree.

Moments after he began his quest to bring the great tree down, several arrows struck him from a whole at the base of the tree. This is when Xavkul decided to jump down the hole to seek out his attackers, despite the rest of the group being several hundred feet behind him after running to the tree in his excitement. By the time the rest of us made it to the tree and into the lair beneath, Xavkul had already been knocked unconscious, and we found ourselves quickly surrounded by the goblins, and the centipedes that they apparently can live with peacefully.

We fought long and hard against the goblins. I did everything I could to keep everyone standing until I had exhausted all of the blessings could grant me for one day. Wave after wave the goblins continued to come with their bows and tiny swords. At one point we even encountered the chieftain riding his huge tick companion through the tunnels. After a long fight, the death of many goblins, including their chieftain, and Xavkul and Kris both being knocked unconscious, the remainder of the goblins turned to flee farther into the tunnels. I was grateful for this, for I was also near the point of toppling from my wounds. It was at this time that we quickly collected the unconscious and made our way back to the surface in hopes to reunite with the druid, who had earlier fled the battle under our instructions.

Once we returned to the surface the druid was nowhere to be seen, but she later united with us here at camp. She is indeed a skilled tracker. In our anger we planned to burn the tree down, along with whatever goblins may be remaining inside. It was during the attempts to burn the tree that we were interrupted by a great rumbling from the ground. A massive centipede with goblin rider came bursting from the ground. We immediately scrambled in an attempt to escape. I did the best I could to tie Kris to the back of one of the donkeys to send it fleeing to get him farther from the danger, but my knot quickly failed after the donkey began to flee. As I was doing this the others were able to shoot the rider from the beasts back with their bows. Before I had the chance to get Xavkul onto the other donkey, the centipede killed it with one swift bite.

I feared for my life at this point. It was then that Soreon saved me with the distraction of an arrow he fired at the centipede. This was the turning point in the fight. The centipede took to the distraction immediately and charged toward Soreon. Lucky for us, it misjudged the assault and came up just short of Soreon as he braced for impact with his polearm, and left itself off balance. Soreon seized the opportunity and with one clean sweep of his weapon, spilled the guts of the beast all over the ground. Paikea swiftly followed this with an arrow to what we assume was the throat to finish it off. As quickly as we could after this, we gathered everyone and everything and made haste to get as far away as possible before making camp.

We spent the remainder of the evening and all of today in camp recovering from our wounds. While the weather has been bad today, with a great storm blowing in, I consider us lucky. It has likely deterred anything that may have been left at the tree from pursuing us, as well as keeping away other natural predators that could have caught us off guard in the time of great vulnerability. Tomorrow we will hopefully be able to return to the tree.



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