The Age of Kings

The Journal of Xavian Grey Part V

Xavian's Journal

June 23, 542
Over the past four days we have completed out exploration on this forest area and recovering from combat that ensued, and started moving toward our next location of interest. On the first day picking back up after our encounter with the frogs, we had another intriguing encounter. While making dinner a pack of Thyrasacines converged on our campsite, I assume in hopes for food. It was at this point that Kris had his not so good idea of beating on a dinner pot to scare them away. This did indeed scare away the cat-dog creatures, but also alerted a large group of bandits in the area. In the fight with the bandits Kris was nearly killed, and both Xavkul and I were knocked out. At this point in time we are fully recovered and ready to call it a night so that we can begin exploration of the next territory tomorrow.

June 26, 542
As if things have not been strange enough from time to time in our adventures to this point, the past four days proved that we have obviously not seen the half of how bizarre these wilds can truly be. On our first day heading west into this new area we stumbled across a man named Bocob. He was sitting around his bonfire and tent cooking breakfast upon our arrival, and had a nearby cart. I can only assume that he is a trader of sorts, as most of the other locals we have happened across have been. He offered to have us join him for breakfast and informed us that his travels were set for a local ruined temple that he was headed to for his own personal reasons. The description of the temple that he was heading to certainly matched the descriptions of the temple to Corelon that we have been searching for, in that he confirmed the presence of a bad spirit who resides there. After informing him that we wished to investigate, he informed us that he would delay so as to avoid being there while we were carrying out our business there.

After having breakfast with Bocob we continued on our way to locate the temple. Once we finially located the temple we began our investigation, only to discover that the stories of a malevolent spirit being there were true. We were greeted what appeared to be a large white grizzly bear and its cub, both of which were covered in algae and sores that resembled some form of mange. Neither of the bears was friendly, so per usual we were graced with another strange encounter. After a time of battling the bears, we managed to slay the larger bear. This is when things turned bizarre. The bear shifted into what appeared to be an old man, who quickly aged, decayed and then turned to dust and was wisped away. Shortly after, we also defeated the cub and the same strange thing occurred, except instead of an old man it was a young elven woman. It seems that these were both druids, who somehow were bound to this temple and set free upon being slain by the party.

Once the fight was over, we discovered that this entire temple was teeming with magic. Whether any of it was good or not, we are unsure, but to be safe we spent the remainder of the day consecrating the area. Hopefully all can be well here for the future.

July 4, 542
The past eight days have been much more pleasant than some of our recent explorations. We safely returned to the hold after cleansing the temple, and upon arrival, were greeted by a large number of caravans that had arrived while we were gone. Most, if not all, of the caravans were baring the king’s banner. After taking in the scenery for a short time we made sure to visit Jhod to inform him that the temple had been cleansed. What he will do with it at this point is unknown. For our assistance, Jhod has agreed to aid us in the future by providing divine spells that we may need him to perform at component costs. We also paid Isca a visit to present the tatzlwyrm head and Tuskgutter’s head to him. He was greatly pleased with both.

For the remainder of the time that we have spent at the hold we took care of some miscellaneous crafting work that Soreon wished to do, training that a few others wished to take care of and studying that a few of us decided to tackle.

July 7, 542
Over the past few days we have made our way back to the lightning struck tree, and completed a bit of exploration to the northeast. As with most of our experience in plains regions, this travel and exploration was quiet.

July 8, 542
Today we started to head to the west and got a decent amount of exploration and mapping complete. While preparing to camp for the night tonight, we were greeted by traveler, named Lewd, in the area. Per usual, this was another traveler heading to the hold. In our discussions with him, we were warned of a sycamore tree not far to the west of our current location. He claims that this old tree is the home of a large colony of goblins. To our northwest he claims that there is also a kobold cave. Both of these locations seem like something that we should investigate. The plan for tomorrow is to begin our search for the great sycamore tree.



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