The Age of Kings

The Journal of Xavian Grey Part IV

Xavian's Journal

May 23, 542
We have made it back to Isca’s hold with Kira, and she has carried on with her own business. Upon arrival we were greeted with the news that another unicorn has been found killed. Rumors are that it was likely followers of the Flame Lord once again. After dinner we have spent the remainder of the evening restocking in preparation of heading back into the wilds in the morning.

May 27, 542
Heading back into the wilds the party decided to return to the lightning struck tree marked on the treasure map that we found. When we arrived at the tree we discovered that there was a hole at the base of the tree, and upon further inspection we concluded that the treasure had been retrieved prior to our arrival. It was then that Kerigan noticed small humanoid tracks leading away from the hole.

For the next two days we followed the tracks of the humanoid, losing the trail and picking it back up again. It has lead us into the NW reaches that we previously explored, and then beyond. It was just today that we reached the point where we can no longer follow the tracks. They lead straight into a river. While investigating to find a way to cross the river, we found a rickety bridge that looks to be too dangerous for passage. It just so happened that there was still a legible sign that marked the bridge as Nettles Crossing. It was at this point that Xavkul must have grown impatient with boredom and had to find a way to occupy himself. His entertainment became ringing an old rusty bell, likely a bell for what was once a ferry call bell for large carriages and coaches.

As he quit ringing the bell, we all caught a strong smell of rotten fish and shortly after a long rotten corpse rose from the river itself. The corpse only had one request. He wishes us to dispose of the corpse of the Flame Lord in the river at his crossing so that he can see the demise with his own eyes. If we do not complete this task he has informed us that it will be our demise. Further attempts to communicate only earned us a strange, blank stare with unnerving breathing through the large holes in the neck of the corpse.

Tomorrow we shall return to the areas to our SE, which we traveled through without exploration during our attempts to track down who, or what, may have wandered away with the treasure buried beneath the tree.

May 28, 542
In our journey to continue exploring new territories on this day we came across a very homely looking elf. He was not anything like you ever picture an elf to look. He had gnarly teeth and tattered clothes. He didn’t really give us much information about himself that lent to figuring out why he may be this way. The most noteworthy part of this encounter was the large cart he was towing. He was transporting two troll corpses to the hold. He informed us that he does regular business with Bachen.

June 7, 542
Over the past 8 days we have spent the majority of our time exploring to the E, crossing above the hold. In this time we have crossed plains, traveled through a small stretch of open hills, and then into more forest territory. In the time exploring the forest, we once again crossed paths with the river that we found to end at what looked to be an underground cave. While following the river we located a bridge that is still passable. It did take some work to restore it to this condition though.

June 11, 542
Our past four days of adventuring to the E through a swampy forest have been quite eventful. On our first evening exploring this territory it was raining and we came across a barrow where four fighters from the northern regions of Caer Twyn. They gave us no trouble, and at this point in time we deemed it best to not try giving them any trouble. It seemed that they may all have been paladins of the Flame Lord, based on the medallions that they were all wearing.

Today while we were exploring the territory we stumbled across what appeared to be a long ruined statue of Saturnaelia. While investigating the statue things became very interesting, if one could call it that. We started hearing the squeals from a boar, but we could not get sight of it. We all prepared for confrontation, but the boar came bursting into the clearing from the last place we would have expected. Paikea was knocked unconscious immediately and shortly after Kerigan was dropped within inches of death. I am still unsure of how she survived. In time we managed to take down the overgrown boar, and I administered aid to the wounded to get everyone back on their feet. It was noted after that battle that Kerigan recalled stories of an elder boar named Tuskgutter, who would likely yield a grand reward if we could bring proof to the right person. This boar in particular seemed to fit the descriptions told in the stories that she was familiar with.

June 14, 542
The past three days have been spent exploring farther into the forest to the E of the ruined statue, As we explored this area we discovered a set of ruins built on a creek, and upon inspection encountered a unique creature. The creature was recognized by members of the party to be a Boggard. Luckily, this Boggard only wished for us to leave his area, and made distinct note that our barbarian friend has quite the foul odor. The stench carried by Xavkul was even enough to bring tears to his eyes and cause him to beg us to leave before having to introduce us to his very large, awkward, slug-like creature with a crab’s claws. We decided it best to heed his warning and move along.

June 17, 542
In the past three days we have continued our travels as far to the E as we can go with our current charter. This territory was rather noteworthy as well. On the second day of exploration we were greeted by a very angry Tatzulwyrm that erupted from a tree as we passed. Given what we know about them from our past studies, we were quite fortunate. The party made quick work of the worm as Xavkul swiftly decapitated the monstrosity. We salvaged the head and investigated the tree from which it came and discovered an unknown potion within. We will have to consult Bachen in the near future to figure out what it is.

Another noteworthy feature of this area was a statue of Corelon. Some of the members of our party paid tribute at the statue, which to the surprise of Kris and myself appeared to bless their weapons. Kerigan noted that in this location she felt very safe. Perhaps it is all just coincidence.

June 19, 542
In our past two days of exploring we turned our sights to the SE to begin our loop back to the hold. This lead us back into more plains. The exploration was rather uneventful, but after our past few territories it was quite a nice break.

June 20, 542
Today we began to head to the W, back toward the hold. Shortly after beginning our exploration of the forest that we have entered, we discovered the true mouth of the river that we have been attempting to map out for some time. It ends into a delightful hot spring. We all decided that this was a perfect opportunity to bathe ourselves, as well as our smelly barbarian friend.

Unfortunate for us, in the midst of bathing we were rudely interrupted by a pack of very hungry giant frogs. This was quite an encounter, given that Xavkul, of all people, was nearly devoured. That is just a testament to how large these frogs where, considering he is by far the largest member of our adventuring party. After a hard fought fight in our bathing attire, we have stopped for time to recover from both the physical, and mental, damage taken by having several members of the group nearly devoured by the frogs.

On a positive note, we can have quite a feast with hard earned frog legs.



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