The Age of Kings

The Journal of Xavian Grey Part III

Xavian's Journal

April 23, 542
We made it through the night after our battle with the bandits. In the morning Xavkul regained consciousness, and the party has spent the day resting to recover. Tomorrow we head out to complete our exploration of this portion of the forest.

April 26, 542
Over the past three days the party has finished the exploration of the forest surrounding the bandit post and returned back to Isca’s. On the first night of the trip back we stopped to camp outside of the mine where we have a good idea of the surroundings. Around dinner a pack of wolves circled the camp for several hours, but luckily never showed any aggression. We made it back to the hold this afternoon.

Upon arrival at the hold we have caught wind that a merchant spotted a unicorn in the wilds during their journey through the surrounding areas. I do not yet know what this means for our adventuring group. Before dinner we made a point to turn in the heads of the bandits that were required to collect our bounty to eliminate six bandits in the area. In the morning we will be heading back into the wilds for further exploration and mapping.

April 28, 542
We have made our way NE back to the river and followed E to the farthest point which we have mapped. In the first evening of our journey to this point, once again a pack of wolves showed up around camp. As before, they showed no aggression towards the party. Perhaps this is some sort of omen. Perhaps I should have discussions with Kerigan, knowing that she seems to be quite in tune with nature. The following morning the wolves were gone. The remainder of the journey to the outskirts of our explorations was uneventful, and we have pitched camp for the night. Tomorrow we will once again be setting foot into unknown lands.

May 2, 542
For the past four days the party has been exploring to the east along the river. On our first day of exploring further into the forests we encountered a pack of wild boars, who seemed less than pleased that we interrupted there gathering. In the fight that ensued, Xavkul and Kris were both nearly killed. These near death experiences are beginning to become far too common for my tastes. I suppose I will need to further improve my abilities to support the party in our adventures. On the plus side, we came away with quite the supply of boar meat to smoke and create bacon with. Needless to say, we could eat well for a few days.

On the following day we stayed camped out to rest from our fight with the pack of boars, and resumed exploration yesterday morning. In the past two days we finished our exploration of the immediate area. In doing so we discovered that the river abruptly ends into what appears to be an underground cavern of sorts. Perhaps someday we can investigate this further. Not far from where the river comes to an end we found what we could only assume to be the corpse of a poacher who had the misfortune of triggering his own trap in the process of rigging it.

Tomorrow we will continue to head to our E into what appears to become plains, so far as we can tell from our scouting the immediate area surrounding camp.

May 6, 542
Due to extenuating circumstances I have not been able to log anything for quite some time. In our second evening exploring the plains we have entered we were greeted by a Willow Whisp. All that we know of this type of creature is that they lure people away into the forest and steal their spirit. During the night the whisp hung around but did not act hostile. The following day we turned our explorations to the SE, still being followed by the whisp.

As we continued through the plains the whisp started to dart away to a patch of woods, and then back to us repeatedly. It almost seemed that it was trying to tell us something. After a short time as a group we decided to investigate the patch of woods together. Upon investigation we discovered a large quantity of traps with skeletal remains of animals, and one in particular held that of a human. We removed the human remains from the trap to give them a proper burial, and in doing so the whisp dissipated. I supposed that the spirit could finally rest now that the body received proper burial rights.

In this same area we discovered a notable landmark. There was a set of cairn stones, which as far as Paikea could translate, were constructed as a burial site for an ancient chieftain’s son. It looked as if they have been here for at least one hundred years.

May 10, 542
We have spent the past four days exploring more plains to begin a loop back toward the hold. There has been nothing noteworthy in this time. Whether this be good or bad is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. I have enjoyed the break from violent battles, however, I get the feeling that Xavkul grows impatient in his time of having nothing to hit.

May 12, 542
Over the past two days we have made our way back to the hold. Upon arrival we were troupe. We were informed that bandit activity has increased as of late. They also had a letter from the king intended for Soreon. Our party has been tasked with eliminating the Flame Lord. In return for his head we will be granted 500 gold and a settlement charter. Nobody in the camp seemed very thrilled about the charter to settle the lands. I personally think that most of them like the remoteness that currently exists.

May 13, 542
We have ventured back out for further exploration, and along the way stopped in to visit Bachen at his hut. We spent this evening discussing various things about the bandits and his business ventures, particularly related to the bandits. We intend to spend the evening here and head out in the morning.

May 15, 542
The past two days we have spent exploring more plains. Earlier today we stumbled across what seemed to be a bone yard. Soon after, we discovered the culprit of the mess of bones. There was trap-door spider that launched an ambush on us and tried to grab Paikea. Luckily the spider was given a swift death before it could bite anyone, because we discovered it is definitely poisonous. In investigating the spiders hole, we discovered a corpse and ruined gear. The corpse was grasping a map that seemed to indicate some sort of treasure that is buried beneath the large tree that we previously discovered in another area. Specifically, this is the landmark tree that was struck by lightning.

We spent the remainder of the day carefully exploring in hopes to avoid any additional spiders of this sort. I shall be glad to get out of this area in the morning. I do not much care for large insects and arachnids.

May 19, 542
We have spent another uneventful four days exploring to the W and S into plains. I begin to contemplate whether I prefer the forest over the plains. While the forest usually holds more trouble for us, it at least has scenery that changes, and does not feel like you have been walking in place endlessly.

May 21, 542
The past two days we have been exploring the last bit of plains to the W of the hold before turning back. On this night we spotted a camp fire in the distance and opted to not build our own fire. Instead we have ventured to investigate the source of the fire. Upon further investigation we have come to discover that the fire belongs to an elf, Kira, who seems likely to be a druid, and her cat companion. She informed us that she is on her way to trade with Iscar and other merchants at the hold.

Over the course of the evening we discussed the bandit threat, and learned that she travels this route quite frequently. She is also quite familiar with the bandits. She mentioned that they once offered her a place in their ranks, which lucky for us, she declined. Perhaps we should travel with this Kira on our return trip back to the hold. We will just have to see in the morning.


Those evil evil boars…


Indeed. They hurt a bit.


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