The Age of Kings

Session III - A Bacon in Time Makes the Half-Orc Hungry

Being a level 1 character is tough, and exploring the dangerous wilderness can be risky on one’s life. The group picked up where they last left off last week, recovering in the bandit hold as spring began to warm up a bit.

The remainder of the eastern forest was mapped out for the most part uneventfully. Xavian Grey’s journal reflects this pretty well in minute detail.

They came across a deadfall with the smashed remains of the poacher who had been setting traps, and who had been the cause of Soreon Silvermane Sorben’s broken ankle a couple of sessions ago, retrieving another masterwork hand axe (putting their tally at three now).

Once the woods were mapped out, the party encountered a fey spirit as they were leaving the area. The creature appeared at night as a globe of light and the party was understandably worried about it and chose to ignore it. The ball of light was not to be denied and stuck around until morning, where it followed them as they headed east towards the swampy marshes towards Caer Twyn.

As chronicled in Xavian’s journal, the ball of light became excited near a copse of trees and the party discovered more poacher traps, one of which contained the body of a human skeleton. The party did the right thing and buried the remains, causing the light to twinkle out and lay the spirit to rest, which netted them a nice little +300xp reward.

Heading back to the hold, they were greeted with more merchant traffic and rumours of the Flame Lord’s activity picking up, perhaps due to the party’s actions regarding one of his bandit cells.

Soreon received a letter from the king indicating that the Flame Lord should be brought to justice, and once this had been done that he would receive a charter to settle the lands instead of merely exploring them.

This news was not taken happily by Isca, and even several members of the party, who had no desire to be dealing with politics or encroaching on wild areas.

The month of May is a wet one in Cict, and the party left the hold and struck out west to finish mapping the area to spring storms. They were able to quickly take down a giant spider who attempted to make Paikea Star into lunch.

The real test of the night came from an encounter with a small group of wild boars. While hunting, the group lucked into some boar meat, but boars are not happy to give up their yummy nutritional bacon, and so in a clearing the party cornered them.

Boars are pretty nasty little beasts, especially for a first level group. Xavkul Mankin was more tactical this time around, waiting for the boars to charge him, while the elven druid calmed two of the three, making the first part of the fight easier to handle.

Xavkul was gored pretty badly but the first boar was taken down. The party tried dragging its corpse out as well as the bleeding form of Xavkul, but the charm on the other two boars wore off and the smell of the spilled blood enraged them and they thundered after the party.

The end result was a battered party, but three dead boars which contributed to a lot of ham and bacon, and when combined with eggs makes a tasty meal for several days.

The remainder of the western portion of the land was mapped out and the party ended the session at the fire of a mountain woman named Kira, who had come from the Erethas mountains to trade at Isca’s Hold for some medicine.

She seemed quite distrustful (wisely so, these are dangerous lands), but shared that she had her own run ins with the bandits that operate in the area. Her caucasion kitty next to her silently munched on some fish, oblivious to the strangers while the druid pet her…



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