The Age of Kings

Paikia Star - Letters Home III

May 21

Dearest Aurora, Gavin, Beckett, and Alisa

The strangest thing happened the other day and I could not wait to tell you all about it. Remember the time our dearest father came back from a boar hunt with that nasty wound to his bicep? His wound was caused by his spear shaft splintering when he held it against a charging boar. He has quite the nasty scar from it. I am sure he would love to tell you all the story if you do not remember it. I remember him saying how much better the meat tasted after being injured on the hunt.

Part of why you should ask Father about the hunt is so that he can talk to you about how to properly hunt boar. I remember his instructions and then going on a hunt with him once. I just had an experience the other day with three boar that made me miss all of you terribly.

My companions and I came upon a clearing while mapping the land and clearing it of bandits. In the clearing were three boars, a large sow and two mostly grown piglets. Since we had been eating mostly trail rations for the last month or so, the thought of fresh meat got to the best of some of my companions. Before I could blink twice people were running at the boars with hand weapons. We did not have a hunting dog and we were on foot.

The tusks on the boars almost turned out to be deadly for one of my fellow explorers. Let me tell you about my band of explorers, map makers, and bandit hunters. There is my friend Soreon who you have met. He actually knew how to hunt the boards, thankfully. Xavian Grey is a cleric of Pelor. He is a most dependable guy – I enjoy his company and his devotion to his god is admirable. Pelor has been bestowing his blessing upon us during our journey’s thus far. Then there is Kris the Paldin of Pelor, he is a descendant of Kris the founder of the White Order. He is most intimidating in a fight with his great sword. He puts himself in danger to protect others not as strong or steadfast as he is, he is valiant and incredibly trustworthy.

Now my next two companions are more exotic than anyone you have probably met in Landinium. Xavkul is a barbarian from a half orc tribe. He is brash, burly, and more different than anyone I have ever met. Half the time I am worried he has a death wish and the other half I wish I was as brave – though not as foolhardy. My last companion travels with her own companion – let me explain. Her name is Kerigan and she is an Elven druid – a practitioner of old nature religions. Her companion is a badger named Logan. Logan is ferocious and I am wary and intrigued by him. I am not exactly sure what to make of Kerigan yet. She is a good traveling companion and she knows how to cook – which has improved things on our travels. She knows a great deal about the wilds and I am learning from her. In all of Fathers stories about Elves and Ordar – he never mentioned anything as exotic and as wild as Kerigan. She has a lot of rules – she can’t wear metal, she won’t abide trees being cut down, she doesn’t like the idea of mining gold, etc……

Ok so back to this boar hunt. Kerigan used the powers bestowed upon her by nature to calm two of the boars – so we didn’t have to fight all three at once. I kept my distance – firing arrows from a ways back – taking a chance each time I fired of injuring my friends instead of the boar – but I was not going to close in on it. Xavkul attacked with this huge axe he wields, I doubt I could even pick the thing up! To attack with his axe he had to stand right up next to it! He went toe to tusk with a boar! It was a sight to behold – that is until he was gored and tossed like a sack of potatoes by the beast.

By the time we had that boar ready to be dragged off and put over a fire Xavkul was close to death. We had to drag him and the boar from the clearing – trying to put some distance between us and the other two who were sure to turn on us sometime soon. We were barely into the woods before the other two boars tried to come after us. We hastily set up on a game trail – Soreon planted his shield in the middle of the trail to offer protection to others who wanted to enter melee with the boars. Once again I stood back and fired a volley of arrows into the fray.

Wounds stink! Don’t let anyone tell you different – whether you are cut by a blade, a arrow, a claw, a bite, or a tusk it stinks. I advise you all to avoid it. When a boar gets a cut it stinks even worse. It was almost a deadly fight for us – many almost succumbed to our injuries but we prevailed and managed to take down all three boar and no one suffered a mortal wound.

So the rest of that day and the next full day we had to camp so wounds could heal, thanks to the blessing of Pelor and meat could be smoked. Dad was right when you hunt the food the meat tastes better. It also tastes better when someone who knows what they are doing when cooking has a go at making dinner.

Well my next story turns out fine – but you might not want to tell Father and Mother about it. The other day we were headed towards the border of mountains to the west, when we came upon a strange sight. It was a boneyard – bones that were picked clean and some so old they were bleached white. The sight made us a bit more cautious than usual, thankfully so. I was leading the way – being the most sure of footing and able to spot traps most easily. (Though if you want to find every trap you could possibly encounter I advise you to let a barbarian lead the way.) Suddenly between me and the rest of the group a huge spider sprang from the loose sand and soil. Now when I say large spider I am not saying the size of Alisa’s hand and no I do not mean the size of Fathers hand. I do not even mean the size of Father’s favorite hound. What I mean is the size of Alisa’s pony that she got for her last birthday.

So this spider the size of a PONY sprang its trap and tried to lunge for me. I could see the poison on its fangs as it lunged and tried to strike me. I am sure I shrieked in anticipation of dying a painful death from the poison. Luckly Kris and Paladin of Pelor was trailing behind me he was able to strike the spider before it could bite me. His attack was fast and powerful for this I am grateful.

Well I am going to close – it is getting dark and I am feeling tired. Tomorrow we are off to more exploring. I will post this letter to you the next time I am in Isca’s Hold. I love and miss you all and hope you are doing well. Tell Father and Mother I love them. I will write to you again, hopefully soon.


P.S. Remember to never ever ever ever try to fight boars in hand to hand combat!


Fighting boars in hand to hand combat should be encouraged every time!

Paikia Star - Letters Home III

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