The Age of Kings

Paikea Star - Letters Home part V

July 4

Dearest Father

Father – I hope all is well for you in Landinium. Things are going well out here in the wilds. We have been doing well in our mission of mapping and clearing the land of brigands and other beasts. I am noticing the benefits of the adage that with practice you become better at things. I have noticed of late that my aim is better and I am more quiet than I started out being as I walk through the wilds – though some of my friends wear a lot of metal so it does not often serve us as a group well if just one of us moves silently through the grasses and trees.

What I want to tell you about is a small temple (probably more of a shrine) that we found. We knew that somewhere in the area there was a shrine to old an old Elven god that was reported to be home to an evil spirit. No one could tell us what the spirit was or if the spirit was a real spirit or just a bad person or beast. So we have been on the lookout for it – we were confident in our ability to clean it up so that no future citizens of Landinium would in harms way.

Just a few nights ago we ran into a fellow who was very into the tobacco he was smoking named Bocoob. He mentioned the shrine being nearby. The next day we set out for it – trusting that we could handle what was thrown at us.

Upon approaching it there was a fouled fountain that had a scum of thick algae growing in it. There were steps approaching a cave and as we approached there was a bellow so loud it felt like the ground was shaking beneath our feet. A huge cave bear and a cub came out of the opening and were suddenly at the top of the stairs.

We started to react and formulate a plan as the bears stood their ground when one of my companions decided to charge up the stairs. All hell seemed to break loose and time felt frozen at the same time. The huge bear towered over the barbarian – its paws bigger than the Half-Orc’s head. I tried tactical movements – getting into position to fire arrows at the smaller of the bears from a safe distance. To tell the truth – some of the details of the fight are fuzzy because of what happened at the end of it. Eventually we brought down both bears – and when they fell they transformed from bears to people!

One of my companions who knows about these things called them Blighters and Darkspawn. What ever they were was holding a curse like grip on the surrounding lands. Once they were gone the air seemed cleaner and the land felt more fecund. We spent time cleaning up the shrine. The fountain miraculously cleaned itself once they were killed and their taint was removed from the land.

If you hear anything about me getting attacked and gored by a boar – obviously it ended better for me than the boar, since you are continuing to get letters. Is there anything exciting going on in the Capital?

When we got back to Isca’s Hold – Stannis was there with a proclamation for Soreon about settling the land once we get it all cleaned out. That should prove interesting – I am not sure if the residents already here seemed to keen on that.

Well I should close this out and get to making sure we are equipped for the next foray into the wilds. We have heard of a goblins raiding caravans, someone killing unicorns, and seen evidence of Caer Twyn traders and guards in the area. I will let you know of further developments as they occur.




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