The Age of Kings

Long overdue and maybe a will and testament of Soreon Silvermane Sorben

I have meet lots of new people in the month that we have started this journey for the king to map the land past and around Caer Lerion. Why am I deciding to do this is because well I’m currently having to look death in the face all because of for lake a better word a moron. Truthfully I thought I could see myself taking over for my Uncle. The instrument of my demise is in the form of an idiot hitting a tree that was over a goblin hideout or is it a settlement. We’ll all I can say is I’m pissed I will not be denied my right to the chance of the thrown and I will not loss the people that have come with me Gorum give me strength to protect and destroy the goblins or until my dying breath I will give my all and my shield will protect all I cannot. I’m just hoping they cannot use the tactics that were ingrained into me as a child. Also we need to give the bane my soul currently a perfect leash and chocker just got to figure a way to get him to wear it maybe my friend Paikea can figure a way to persuade (cough) trick (Cough) into wearing his new gift.
It all started when we were given a decree to map out all of Caer Lerion by my uncle well I should say the king. We have ran into many strange encounters like the Crazy moving mound of shrubbery I am hopping we never meet that thing ever again I barely made it by the skin of my teeth even when I was drag my new companions on this journey to keep them from being taken by and I think eaten by the thing. When went back to the settlement and were treated for our wounds we had to go thru there again to get to the next section of the area. Thankfully it was not still there. Next thing we ran into was a giant centipede I was not that lucky when I tried to get Kris and Xavian this time and was knocked unconscious. We were only saved from the thing because of the quick thinking and luck of our friend from the wilderness currently I cannot think of her name at the moment. However this is also when I met the bane of my existence Xavkul Mankin. But there has been some funny things that have happened like him getting eaten by a giant frog we saved him and I thought that would have made him think before he leaps but no. next time we turn around we see him running towards a bandit camp by himself we only nearly survived that encounter thanks to my druidic friend. Once again I would have thought that he would have had at least a survival instinct I mean come on. Once again I was incorrect in my thoughts on that now this is where we come full circle and come to the front of the tree where once again we see him doing something instincts would tell him not to oh well. All I can say is what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.



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