The Age of Kings


Winter has come early this year, and the snows began falling in Keurig only two short weeks after the fall equinox. The harvests had been adequate, but the troll-king had extracted a heavy tax that left the town elders scrambling to logistically feed the population, which now boasted over three-thousand people, through the long winter. It has become apparent that the troll-king and his “kingdom” of beastland monsters must be dealt with and soon.

Captain Stern pushed to have messengers dispatched for the southlands and to the King in Landinium to call for aid. As the kingdom originally funded the founding of Keurig, it would be in their best interests to help solve the troll-king problem before it gets too far out of hand.

Three months have passed since the adventures in the kobold lair and the rescue of the local children from sacrifice to the nefarious monsters’ twisted gods. Much has happened in those three months, other than political maneuvering on the part of the surrounding monsters.

The Troll-King has established a base of operations in the ruined bandit keep north of town. This is led by a brutish female ogre named Sue whom it is rumored is one of the Troll-King’s wives (and very ruthless she is, which is probably why she is the head of the troll-king’s southern operations)

The town of Keurig had a small population boost, which has caused an entire district to be built. The eastern wall was expanded out to include this new district, now known as the Sky District, and many buildings have been quickly built to include a wooden tower with bright red slate roof that is the home of a scholar named Brunsun. Brunsun was called in from Landinium to help decipher the ancient texts and riddles of the discovered abyssal dwarven dungeon.

The Sky District’s buildings are a bit nicer than the rest of the town, with kept lawns, stone bases for the houses, stained glass, and more guard patrols. Many of the new residents have brought their own personal bodyguards which have been enlisted in the town guard under Captain Stern.

The central inn has remained as always the base of operations for any adventuring group. Thrice burnt to the ground, it stands in defiance to the elements and to the wilderness.

A new adventuring group has begun exploring the area and was hired by the town to help map out and gain information on the dungeon underneath the town. They lost three of their number completing this task, but have unearthed a trove of artifacts which the town scholars have been examining.

The group, known as the Company of the Silvered Steel, is now composed of four members. They are led by Faustus, a cleric of the Order of White. He is dressed in silvered plate armor and wears a snow-white cloak. His shield bears the emblem of the white dragon and his helm is like many of the knights and paladins of his order: a pair of silvered dragon wings rises from its crest.

Juliai dresses in white gowns and likes her jewelry. She is very charismatic but it is also whispered that she is very knowledgeable in the arts of poison and dagger play.

Broom-Hilda is a hulking woman that some say is part ogre, though saying that to her face would be an unwise venture. She wields a massive sledge maul and wears beat up armor. Her husband was Ruthkar, who was killed recently exploring the abyssal dwarf dungeon.

Octavion is a slight built man that wears a featureless mask of white ivory. His voice is a rasp. He walks with a limp and appears to be quite lame physically. He does, however, have a mind for machines and aids his group with inventions and contraptions as well as being a gifted alchemist.

What this company discovered was that the complex underneath Keurig was massive. They uncovered many long dead corpses, and a treasure trove of journals and papers and books detailing the place.

The name “Hallastar” came up quite a bit and as it turns out, signs point to this man architecting an extensive labyrinth designed with the goal of killing people for sport. It also turns out that centuries ago, the complex was built underneath another city named “Waterdeep”.

This is perplexing as there is no shoreline for hundreds of miles. Was the area once home to a port city? If so, how long ago? How old is this complex exactly, and how deep does it go?

As winter settles in around Keurig, the time for answers is forthcoming. A portal was discovered recently which led to another portion of the dungeon not yet explored. A room with tattered and rotten tapestries was reported as being on the other end of the portal but that was as far as the exploration team went.

So much remains unanswered…

Korgin's Log

Party is proceeding into the mine. Nalren scouts ahead of the rest of the party. He comes back to the entrance being trailed by a couple of goblins and several hobgoblins. Loth badly poisined by goblin arrows, and Nalren badly hurt by hobgoblins. One goblin managed to escape farther into the cave.

Further exploration leads the party to a door where goblin whispers can be heard on the other side. Doku bluffs room service at the door, and when they open unleash a burning hands spell into the room. Gun powder kegs ingnite killing the golblins, and injuring a large part of the party. Loth severely injured and can barely travel on his own.

After clearing the rubble the party continues to explore further. Reach another cave in further into the mine. There are voices coming from the other side of the cave in. Water trickles in through some of the cracks that have formed in the walls. Discussions about a decendant rising and a skull (Could it be the ledgendary witch possesed skull?). Party continues to explore into the tunnels that have not been collapsed. Find a cavern with crates of food supplies and water, and a side room of goblin prostitues. Rogue breaks the lock with them inside in hopes that they can’t sneak out in the middle of trying to rest. There is also a locked iron door. Behind the iron door is a room that appears to be an office. There is a nice leather couch and an armor rack. Masterwork splintmail armor, a masterwork battle axe, and a pouch of gold, platinum, and a potion of strength. Also find a journal of a hedge wizard that contains notes and several spells. Party settles in and rests for the night.

Party turns back to explore the other branch into the mines. Necromancer Bone Staff glowed all night, but as the party heads away from the cave-in the glow begins to fade. At some point the party needs to pursue this route. Party reaches another cavern with straw and drag marks everywhere. It would seem that this may have been where the goblins were living, or keeping the miners held captive. One of the side chambers contains six dead miners. Other rooms are empty, except one has a jammed door. The ranger chops the door down. There is a decomposing corpse that was holding a dresser in front of the door to blockade it.

Party proceeds to explore other tunnels that have not been explored, and that are not blocked. Arrive at a set of doors. Several wooden side doors, and a stone door is blocking the way forward. The wooden doors contain nothing of interest. Stone door opens into a very large chamber that appears to be a dinning hall. A side room that looks to have been the kitchen contains nothing except a couple of boxes of copper and silver. This was the last of the areas not blocked by the cave-in.

Party returns to the cave-in, and the Necromancer Bone Staff begins to glow again. Begin clearing the blockage to proceed further into the mines beyond. The passage branches beyond, and one opens up into a room where goblins had previously made beds. The other branch leads further into the mine.

As the party continues down the passage there is a voice that says, “The Chosen is here”. The room contains several goblins and a bugbear. One of the goblins is wearing black chainmail. The bugbear has a deformed goblin on his back with a skull that he is telling to shut up. The group appears to be making its’ last stand in this chamber.

Korgin's Log

Returning to the sewers to investigate further. Continue exploring the sewers to the West. Still one branch that was left unexplored when previously in the sewers. Furter exploration reveals what looks like a cave-in at the end of one of the tunnels, but opens up into a basement.

Encounter with rats and a crocodile at the cave-in. Grabbed by the crocodile, which proceeded to death roll. Fell unconscious, but revived by Doku. Rats were put to sleep by Loth and drifted away. Party continues to explore into the cave-in. Cave-in leads to a toilet opening above.

Party returns to previous branch to continue exploring other branches. Run into several additional dead-end tunnels before encounter more rats. Defeat the rat swarm, and continue to finish exploring the sewer. Upon completion, party returns to town to collect payment for completion. Earned 1,000 silver pieces each for completion. Party does some shoping in town before returning to see if there is any additional work to be done around the city.

After Gideon, the city engineer is excited with the clearing of the sewers, and has arranged to have a group of excavators to go clear the path that could not be passed previously. Captain Stern has asked the group to meet him at Isca’s Hold after dinner to discuss additional employment. Goblins have captured approximately a dozen miners. Rumors say that they are being held in the mine, and have a steep ransom per miner to release them. The Burnt Tree Clan are the culprits.

Party leave the city the following morning to make way to the mines. First day passes uneventfully, and the party makes camp for the night. Broken glass in the woods, and something scurried up a tree. No sign of anything in the tree upon investigation, but find a broken bottle at the base of the tree. Remainder of the night passed uneventfully.

Party continues to travel toward the mine the following day. Travels are uneventful again, and party makes camp for the evening. During Loth’s watch he sees a twinkle of light out of the corner of his eye, and then it is gone. Loth and Nalren wake the rest of the party to investigate. There is a glowing ball of cold light behind a rock. Elise identifies it as a Willow-whisp. Elise and Loth both dropped by the whisp, but an unknown, small creature arrived and chased away the whisp to save the party. Perhaps it was the rummored heoric barbarian squirrel. Remainder of the night is uneventful, but Loth is stricken with Filth Fever from ecounters with the sewer rats.

The following day the party continues toward the mine in the rain. When approaching the mine a thundering trumpet sound can be heard the the distance. The sound can be made out as Gronk. Nalren and Elise attempt to scout ahead to get closer to the mine entrance. They try to pick off a couple of the goblins at the entrance, and alert the goblins beginning a battle. One goblin manages to flee farther into the mine to sound an alert. Party hurries to obtain a position above the entrance to the cave, in hopes of being able to launch an ambush on any hostiles that may exit.

Korgin's Log

Introduced to the rest of the party who is investigating serwers below the city. In search of more evidence of Abbysal Dwarven runes. Eleven wizard has also been assigned to assist with the investigation.

After exploring for a short time the party makes it way back to the location of a crack in the wall that led them previously to an encounter with a clockwork dwarf. No sign that the clockwork soldier has repaired itself since the previous encounter with it. Further exploration leads the group to rubble and damaged machine parts littering the passageways. Also discover ancient writting on the walls. Indication of some form of entrance to a Dwarven temple. Had been no previous indications that there was ancient civilization in this part of the world.

Encounter with a millipede and rats at the the location of the runes. Elise almost toppled by the rats. From the ecounter the party returns to the previous fork and venture the other direction into an open cavern. Passage leading out of the cavern also has a fork. Fork to the left leads to another dead end. Other path leads into a small cavern that will require squeezing to fit in. Path on the other side bends to the right to where the party cannot see ahead.

Party returns back to prior to the first tight passage to explore other passages that were not previously explored. After exploring furhter into the passages, one of the ends at a wooden door. The door is jammed and no response upon knocking. After a short time prying at the door Elise is able to open the door. Within the room beyond there are posters of Buddy Jesus on the walls. Boxes and candles point to people having stayed in this room at one point or another. Likely worshipers of Buddy Jesus.

While investigating the room a swarm of rats attack the party. While casting Burning Hands the sewer gases are ignited. Rats are whiped out, but Elise, Nalren and myself badly burned in the process. After encounter party finished searching the room, but nothing is found other than the Buddy Jesus propaganda. Party decides to attempt to return to the city above.

In process of returning the party encounters additional rats and another millipede. Party manages to escape from the sewers to spend two days recovering in town. After two days the party is informed that they will loose their job if the do not return to the sewers to finish clearing the vermin.

The Adventure Continues

It has been over a year since the original founding party of Keurig disappeared in the wilderness to face the ills of the Troll-King.

Now, a new party steps forth to brave the wilds and conquer the northlands for their king… or perhaps… themselves?

Session begins April 1st!

almost died again - Soreon

Damn what’s with every creature we go after choosing me as their toy to play with? Let us see after before I died 4 trolls decided they wanted me as the ball for four square. That is what led to my demise. After they destroyed my shield they took my head from my body. But I guess something good came out of it. For now I am touched by the fey because of the sacred place my comrades brought me to be revived. Hopefully I don’t just get a tattoo of a unicorn on my arm. Now that I am back though I do feel strangely empowered, but I also kind of feel sluggish from what had happened to me. It is kind of like when you first wake up in the morning and you just can’t seem to wake yourself up. It feels incredible weird though.

But because of this new sluggishness that I have I was almost barbecued by another hydra but this one had nine heads on its body. Unfortunately that meant two to five flamethrowers that are coming at my person. And as everyone knows my name is not Paikea and therefore I am not the most agile person on the planet especially with my armor that I have on. So in turn it got a little more than toasty while in the armor that I wear as the battle continued on. I didn’t even get to see the end of battle at all, because like I said I was a little more than char broiled by the end of the fight and there for I didn’t see the end. But I heard from my comrades that I was lucky because our resident cleric Xavian almost didn’t make it to the end of the battle. This meant he almost couldn’t heal our bodies that were burnt to a crisp.

Strangely though we haven’t really ran into anything that has tried to kill us for a little while. It must be the calm before the storm as people say because where we are headed will be littered with things that will be trying to kill us. But hey this is what we signed up for being adventurers and leaders within a city and all that comes with it. Hmmm… I wonder what kind of resistance we will face when we head to where we are to heading. The sad thing is I don’t remember why we are heading to but I know the reason is because we need money and treasure for Keurig. The only reason it is for Keurig though is because we keep getting stiffed on the tax collection be it from corrupt individuals or the villagers are not paying the money.

Well I will know when we get there I think it must be because of my dying I forgot some things that we were doing. Oh well I guess I only need to know that we are going somewhere to get money and treasure.

Purgatory - Soeron

This week has been the crappiest week I have ever had in my life. Why is it that I say this? The reason being is because I’m dead! Being dead is the worst I am so bored there is nothing to do while I’m dead. I mean man I hope that my comrades got out okay. Well they must have because I don’t see anyone with me at the moment. Damn it dirty good for nothing trolls. Why do I have a deep seeded hatred for trolls other than the obvious reasons you ask? Well, let me tell you. They are the reason that I am in this predicament in the first place. Let me tell you how it happened. It all started earlier this week…

While in Keurig we were dealing with our normal troubles of making a functioning kingdom. The only problems being the taxes keep on getting swindled in some way. Be it from the villagers’ aren’t paying them or someone is corrupt and keeps on lining their own pockets. But, that’s not here nor there and I am getting off track. Now where was I? Ah, yes after we finished our duties that need to be done for the month. We decided to travel to explore more of the land of Landinium. We were doing well enough until some wolves decided to try to ambush us in the swamp we were in. truthfully we defeated those wolves quiet easily to the point they turned tail and ran. Now we were slightly hurt but hey we were still going strong. That was until we stopped to set up our camp.

As we were preparing to eat we smelled something incredibly foul in the air. As we got up we saw what had caused such a pungent odor. It was the trolls I mean we could have taken a couple trolls but there had been around 7 or 8 of those bastards and they were too close to us for us to run away and get away without injury. So we had to fight them for our continued survival. But the unfortunate thing is that these trolls were more adept to fighting by what I could tell from looking at them. They had some semblance of armor on so they had some organization. You can probably tell what happened from the fact that I am dead right now. Yes I fought valiantly and keep 4 trolls on me at one time so that they would not gang up on my comrades as they dealt with the others. I remember that the Kris had killed two trolls before I was taken out.

The reason I say that they had training is because after they found out that they couldn’t hit me so they decided to destroy my shield with their weapons and destroy it they did the first two broke my shield while the last two attacked me directly. I stayed alive for a couple rounds but then I was hit hard enough to behead me. and here I am now bored and recounting how I died.

Twas a sad day

Twas a sad sad day…..

Dear Father,

So valiantly Soren stood with three ginormous trolls beating down on him, in the end the bastards were able to break through his tower shield and strike him dozens of times. The entire party survived by the grace of the heroics in behalf of the Paladin Kris and Soren’s willingness to put himself in harms way. Xavian managed to offer healing throughout the battle with the trolls but time and again they would focus on him, especially after dealing dozens of deadly pummeling attacks upon Soren.

One the first night out in a long time the group was out to map more of the territory and seek out riches to use in expanding Keruig and just settling in for the evening when suddenly there arose a clammor from the surrounding area as seven huge trolls came into camp. The group had fought a couple of trolls before and knew of the dangers and secrets to defeating them.

So in the ensujng melee Kris set his full blade ablaze and brought down the vengence of Pelor upon them as Soren planted his shield and used his bec d’corbin for a series of whirlwind attacks while Xavien worked to keep everyone healed. Cruckas tried to take a high perch in a tree and help concentrate fire on trolls Kris was fighting but in the end one pulled down the tree he was in. Luckily he survived and did not become a ranger kebab. I moved around the battlefield trying to coordinate my atracks with either Soren or Kris.

As the party thinned I had to take one or two on untill Kris could step in. Wow oh wow does it hurt when a troll whacks you with their fists or a weapon. In the end with only Kris and I standing the seven trolls were defeated. We gathered up friends and administered first aid. Upon discovering that Soren needs more than first aid we ate determined to track down the Trolls treasure and then return to Keruig in order to try and have his life restored.

I suspect we might have to travel back to the capitol for this and I may get to deliver this letter in person. While itI will be a sad occasion I would relish getting to see you all. It has been well over a year since we left on our journey for King and Country.


Return from hiatus
Trolls of doom

Pathfinder 9/3/12


We have discovered that Alanna is under the influence of a chemical known only as “Soul Lager”. The effects are unknown as of yet, but we have determined that her presences is likely detrimental to the city and its inhabitants. We are now focusing on rebuilding the town after its demise. The character known as “Buddy Jesus” has caused our kingdom and its inhabitants much grief as he strives to, what we can only guess to be destroy our livelihood. Life right now is less than simple.

After the failed attempt to collect funds for construction on the kingdom, we listen to the people trying to discern some information on the possibility of earning more funding. We have learned that there is a veil between this world and another that is thin. It is within this other world that we might find options to gain income. The storms halt our progress and we decide to wait out the storms.
The next day, the weather is less than optimal, but it is passable. We decide to head north on the road that we have constructed. We make progress for about 24 miles. We make it into the forest, my favorite place to rest. We discover lager camps that are less than trustworthy. We make camp again.

It is now 9/5 and we continue our progress. We make our way into the swamps and it is similar to the forests which I so love to inhabit. Wolves are heard. We prepare for battle!:
I climb into the flora to gain a vantage point. I see only 5, but I know that there are more behind those. The wolves attack the rogue, but she dodges out of the way. The fighter launches himself forward and lunges at one of the wolves, slicing off his ear. The paladin aids the rogue. My arrow flies through the brush, grazing the wolf’s face. The cleric assists our efforts to slay the alpha male, with little success. The rogue then falls into the mud when one of the wolves trips her. The fighter dances around the wolves before slashing at another. The paladin slices at a wolf, causing lethal damage. My arrow flies into the mud, missing every target available. The cleric slams his weapon into a wolf causing it to fall to the ground as a lifeless corpse. The wolf bites the fighter, but he laughs it off, as fighters do. He then proceeds to spin mindlessly, killing one wolf, damaging another. My arrow finds its way into a wolf’s hindquarters. The wolves attack, but they find no mark. The fighter takes his blade to the head of another wolf, killing it where it stands, then saunters over to his next target. The paladin crushes another beneath the weight of his fullblade. He growls at the wolves, scaring them all. My arrow finds the same wolf, making its way into his midsection. The wolf staggers forward as it begins to die. But his resilience is strong. The wolves then run for their lives. My final arrow kills the wolf that has been a thorn in my side since the beginning of the battle. The final wolf is destroyed as the paladin spares no effort in killing him.

We begin to make camp, when something springs yet another attack on our group: As we sit down to eat dinner, a rumble is felt underneath our person. As I look to the right, I discover a band of trolls. FUCK! We’re doomed. The trolls look like an organized band, which is less than desired, The paladin lights his sword on fire… no not that one, the bigger one.
The paladin charges to the front, engaging our menacing foes. I flee up into a tree, but I know that this solution is merely temporary. The fight rages on with the fighter being attacked en masse and I fight off a single troll trying to climb my tree… what a dick. The paladin smites the nasty troll-beings and does a lot of damage to them in the process. The trolls manage to destroy the fighter’s tower shield, but he is hardly fazed, merely pissed. The troll at my feet takes a swing at me and manages to swat at my feet. I fire in response, but my arrow is deflected by his massive forearm. The paladin takes a mighty swing at one troll, cleaving its head in two. The rogue takes an incredible shot at the troll with her awesome rapier, causing critical damage to its parts. The fighter spins wildly causing great chaos amidst the trolls. By this time, the troll at the bottom of the tree has regained his miserable life force, causing me to wonder if fighting against this particular troll is worth the efforts. The cleric is dropped, but the rogue revives him with minimal effort. I decide to focus my attacks elsewhere, but I failed again. The troll at my feet swings wildly and rams his massive hands into my knees, causing them to buckle, but I still remain vigilant. The paladin slices another troll’s face in half. The fighter takes a blow to the head, and it leaves his shoulders. The troll crushes my legs and bashes my head, but I still stand. But one more failed arrow will be the death of me. I miss, and the troll comes back, giving me a concussion and knocking me out.

I am told that my body was dragged away from the scene. They tell me that the paladin eliminated 6 of the 7 trolls, and the rogue finished the last one. I feel less than adequate today.

Downtime and Problems

Let’s see what we have been doing so far. First of all I’ve finished some more items. Like my tower Shield that was so rudely destroyed by those little bastard quicklings. I’m also trying to figure out the best armor I can wear so I can begin crafting it. But I have to weigh the pros and cons of each armor I’m not sure what I will do. We have also found out some startling evidence in the form of a buddy Jesus cult started in our very own town of Keurig.

Let’s see from what I can gather from everything that happened over the past three or so months is that we were tipped off or more specifically Paikea was tipped off and we just kind of followed her to the place. Now when we got there two people were guarding the entrance to the cult hideout. Speaking of them I believe that they are now working for Paikea after she intimidated them, but I digress. Now the weird thing is that there was a gnome leading the congregation of people and telling them the greatness of Buddy Jesus. At first we thought he was the one and only Buddy Jesus however that was incorrect. He just seemed to be someone that was a prophet for him. Now that was not a problem in its self.

Later on as we were searching around I for some reason got a little thirsty as did Alanna. But for some reason I thought it would have been a bad idea to drink such a concoction. How right my gut feeling was. It would seem that there was something weird about it. It made here talk about baby seals and had a faraway look in her eyes. While that was happening I believe Kris had Xavian erect a zone of truth from a scroll. We found out that this little bastard was the reason that our town was burned down and ruined in the first place. So when he tried to run he was stopped and sent to our jail.

When it was time for him to be tried and executed for his transgressions against Keurig and the people of the town. We find out unfortunately that Alanna helped the bastard escape. From what I could gather is that the guards allowed her to take him out to be tried. We however do not know the reason she would betray us. But I believe I have an idea since Xavian found out what the drink was a concoction of distilled souls that is very addictive when ingested. When she returned she played the fool however I don’t think she could lie to well. Now we have a dilemma on our hands. We have to find out where he is because we can’t have someone like him running around free after what we found out the things he has done. But we also have to find a way to cure the addictive properties of this drink. Or I believe that Alanna will become a liability in our town.


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