The Age of Kings (Landinium)!

Welcome to the Obsidian Portal for the Age of Kings. This is a Pathfinder RPG set in the homegrown world of Cict, a collection of feudal kingdoms based off of Dark Ages Britania.

The Age of Kings takes place five-hundred years after the last campaign ended, during a time known as The Age of Heroes. The lesser kingdoms are divided as to the true king of Cict, and four main blood lines contend for this honour.

The players must choose a bloodline to follow, and then fate will determine their relationship to the throne.

This campaign is largely a sandbox campaign using hex-exploration utilizing the Pathfinder rules and D&D 3.5.

See the Adventure Log for a summary of what has happened and for the Story So Far section.

Table Rules

  • At a minimum you must register on this site and keep your character sheet up to date
  • Standard build point options.
  • 500 word character biographies net you +1 skill point and a minor item (to be added)
  • As we only meet for a handful of hours once a week, please keep your attention on the game. No laptops, books, phone apps, etc… at the table. They distract others.
  • There are four levels of encounters. Easy, standard, hard, and very hard. Not all encounters are designed to be beaten in combat.
  • Core pathfinder rulebooks are the only sourcebooks where you can take items, feats, etc freely when you advance. Any other book’s items, spells, feats, etc… must be cleared first.
  • New characters come in three levels lower than the highest level character (minimum of level one) unless that would put them at a level higher than an existing party member, in which case they come in at the lowest level in the party.
  • As this is a low-magic setting, Item-Creation feats cannot be used to bypass the low-magic nature (by just creating everything you want). Magic items are difficult to create and you require recipes to create them (which become quests unto themselves) and extract a heavier toll to create than standard.
  • Called Shots can be used. This is an optional rule that allows you to target specific parts of an enemy. The default penalty for a called shot is -4. Larger creatures/areas can be raised up to -2, and smaller things can go up to -10 to hit.
  • Hero Action Points may be rewarded. This is an optional rule that rewards smart play, or just blind luck. An action point can be spent to allow a character an extra action in a turn, to grant a +5 circumstance bonus to a dice roll, or can be used to prevent an instant death via critical shot or extreme damage (player will be dropped to -1 hit point in those cases). Hero Action Points will be a rare thing so use them wisely.
  • The variant rule for instant death is in effect. Instant death occurs on a natural roll of a 20, followed by a natural roll of a 20, followed by a hit. This still counts as a critical hit and normal critical damage is rolled but at the end if the target is still up, he is dropped to -1 hit points.
  • When firing a ranged weapon into a melee combat involving your friends, you take the penalty to hit as normal. In addition, if the miss is by four or less, roll against the friendly to see if they were accidently hit.
  • Players starting out with an animal companion may give the animal companion one free “trick”. After that they must train as normal.
  • Players may not start the game with any self-crafted items as a part of their initial gold at level 1. For characters who are higher than level 1, they may start the game with self-crafted non-magical items (magic items are always at the discretion of the GM)

Bear in mind that this is not meant to be a power-campaign, so please keep power-building and min/maxing out. Monsters will have a tendency to be as unbalanced as the party is, so let’s strive for a good balanced campaign please.

Class Specific House Rules

  • If summon spells become a nuisance and cause excessive slow down in the game or become used to nullify encounters through sheer numbers, it will be restricted

Character Build House Rules

  • The feat monkey-grip is prohibited.
  • The barbarian ability Pounce can only be used when the character is on foot

The Age of Kings

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