Order of White

The Order of White is the name of the knightly order that serve Landinium. It was founded during the Age of Heroes by one of Saturnalia’s brother knights and has served its kings and lands strongly.

The main order barracks are located within the city of Landinium. The knights and paladins within the order wear glimmering steel armor and bright white cloaks. Their helms are fashioned in the likeness of dragon wings and their closed visors point out.

Officers of the order wear burnished bronze helmets and their cloaks are trimmed in red and silver embroidery.

The Order is used civilly as peace keepers and enforcers of the code of laws. Militarily they are shock troops often tasked with holding the center of a battle line.

To be accepted into the Order is a huge honour. Many men and women apply but only a scant few ever make the cut from the initial training grounds due to the enormous physical and mental requirements.

An applicant first must submit to a battery of physical tests which gauges his raw physical abilities. This includes feats of strength such as lifting heavy objects, to endurance which involves wearing heavy armor while embarking on long marches through rugged terrain.

Over half of the applicants who apply can not make it past this first requirement. Those that remain are garbed in simple military garb and issued wooden practice swords. They are then sent to the training grounds where they are drilled in combat arms as well as military tactics. The tests here are grueling, even moreso than the basic physical tests that all applicants must pass to be accepted to this point.

Those that pass training become squires of the order. Squires are assigned to knights and perform such duties as shoeing horses, maintaining armor and weapons, and performing tasks assigned to them. They make up the bulk of the order alongside the common knights.

Once a squire has proven himself on the battlefield and has been reccomended for promotion, he becomes knighted. A knight receives the winged helm of the order and a white cloak to signify his station.

Knights that put their time in and perform acts of heroism can be promoted to knight-brothers, who oversee a unit of knights and squires (roughly twenty to forty men). A knight-brother wears a cloak of white with red trim.

Knight-captains are officers promoted up and oversee an entire company of around one hundred knights. They wear burnished bronze helmets and their white cloaks are trimmed with red and silver.

Knight-lords are captains promoted up and whose job is to oversee an entire regiment of knights. These are very rare and currently there are but three in all of the order, whose command is absolute and whom answer to none but the Knight-Commander. Knight-Lords wear shined bronze armor and their white cloak’s bear the heraldry of Landinium.

Knight Commanders are the absolute authority over the entire order. They answer to none save the king himself. The knight commander wields the Sword of Bethany, forged within Erethas many hundreds of years ago and blessed by Pelor. It glows with a white light of its own accord.

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Order of White

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