Major Houses

The Major Houses of Cict are listed below. There are currently four major bloodlines vying for the throne of the Sky Temple. A major house is one that possesses great wealth, land, and military strength. The minor houses are many and just as ambitious but lack the resources that the major houses hold.

House Silvermane – the southerners of Cict whose capital is Landinium, House Silvermane traces their lineage back over one thousand years and claim to have dragon blood running through their veins. Landinium is the largest city on Cict and is a major port of origin to the rest of the known world, to include the Ordarian empire far across the sea.

House Silvermane’s heraldry is a silver field with a red dragon and four red stars, each representing a major battle won. The last red star was added over five hundred years ago to commemorate the defeat of the demon-lord Diodane and the reclamation of the hero Saturnalia.

Landinium is home to the White Order, a branch of knights and paladins who serve their king and to Pelor, the major deity of the south.

The current king of Landinium is King Vostes the White, a 56 year old human. At court and on the field of battle he is seen in magnificent white enamled plate armor and dons the dragonhelm, a towering piece fashioned with large dragon wings and fierce horns, with a faceplate that is fashioned to look like a snarling dragon snout.

House Bloodthrone – the easterners whose capital is the iron city of Haegesta. Caer Twyn has long been at war with Landinium, and it is their claim that the hero Saturnalia was interred deep within the Cathedral of The Lord. Many pilgrims make the trek to the Cathedral, which sits atop a small mountain, to garner the blessings of the hero and to touch the hammer that they claim was his actual warhammer.

Caer Twyn is the most religious of the lands of Cict, and they have taken to worshipping the Lord of Light in place of the gods of old. Caer Twyn claims the right of the throne in the name of this god and many have answered their call, swelling the ranks of his military.

The Bloodthrone heraldry is a red field with a thorny black rose.

House Daer-teon – the northern kingdom of Olisford is home to a most unusual king, the self-proclaimed King of Spiders. He is a dark elf said to have been born from a celestial. Though few actually believe this claim, it is this divine heritage that he claims gives him the real claim to the throne of Cict.

Olisford is the only realm in the land that does not limit its spellcasters or force them to be licensed. They also permit the practice of necromancy and are home to a guild of assassins which are famous not only on Cict, but even south in the Ordarian lands as well.

Daer-teon heraldy is a black field with silver scythes.

House Tibus – the western kingdom of Sufford is ruled by Vicer Tibus, a dwarf. Sufford is home to the famous blacksmiths and armor forgers as well as the fabled Rangers of Edin.

Sufford’s heraldry is a green field with a white lion.

Major Houses

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