Laws of Landinium

The following is a list of laws and conduct put forth by the King of Landinium. All who dwell within the realm will follow these laws and all agents of the crown will defend and enforce these laws with the utmost of care.

  • All subjects of the crown shall not raise litigation against the crown, nor will they raise arms against the crown or any of its agents. The punishment for this crime is death by hanging for common folk, and death by beheading for nobility.
  • All able-bodied men and women within the realm shall be conscripted to train and fight in the King’s armies. Conscriptions will be carried out at barracks located throughout the realm. The punishment for desertion or failure to carry out conscription is imprisonment within a local gaolry. Payment for service will vary depending on services rendered. Conscripts must participate in local training sessions at a minimum of two days a month.
  • Lying to the crown or an agent of the crown is punishable by death.
  • Treasonous activity is punishable by death.
  • Murder of another person shall be punishible by death in cases where the act was committed without danger to self or trespass.
  • Theft shall be punished by removal of fingers.
  • Dishonourable acts associated with carnality to include adultrous affairs with a married person or forceable rape shall be punished by gelding.
  • Destruction of personal property shall be punished by reparations in the amount equal to the property destroyed plus a fine imposed by the executing administrator. Excessive destruction of personal property or destruction of property owned by the crown shall also be punished by caning.
  • All persons practicing the arts of wizardry or sorcery must be licensed by the crown from an appropriate college. Licensing shall be conducted by fee and writs of licensing shall be carried by persons at all times. Persons found practicing the arts without proper licensing shall be punished by imprisonment.
  • Any practice of the dark arts to include necromancy or the consorting with devils and demons shall be immediately put to death.
  • Households in the realm shall pay a tax of fifteen marks for every crown earned. Appropriate payment can be in the form of coin, crop, livestock, or trade goods. Royal tax collectors will conduct collections once per month. Interfering with a royal tax collector is punishable by fine or imprisonment. Tax collectors found pilfering the royal taxes shall be punished by imprisonment.
  • Laws of Landinium

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