The Town of Keurig

Keurig is the northern most town in the kingdom of Landinium. Founded only a year ago at the start of the Age of Kings campaign’s 4/1/2013 start, it boasts a current population of 950 people.

EDIT: As of the winter of that year it houses 2,952 people.


Keurig is currently governed by Duke Narthing, nephew of the King. Narthing was put to Keurig after its founding regent Soreon went missing.

The region of Keurig is a volatile one, with the Troll-King demanding tribute of the settlement once a month. The troll-king has stationed a small force of monsters at The Twins.

Keurig city

All of the buildings of the city are made of wood and thatch. The smell is one of mud and animal crap.

Work has begun on digging out the underportion of the town to construct stone sewers. This work has mostly been completed, and an extensive labyrinthine complex was discovered under the town.

Places of note:

  • The Inn of the Eternal Flame – largest building in town. Three stories. Has burned down twice.
  • Burial ground – within the walls – a small plot for those that have passed
  • Regent’s house – second largest building in town. North end of town
  • Isca’s Hold – third largest building in town. Next to the inn. Store that is the center of commerce. Traveling merchants set up wares here for a fee. Isca also sells quite a bit of merchandise.
  • Font of Heroes – a black marble font set across from the inn. It gurgles with water and is a meeting point in the town.
  • Wooden pallisade – the town is surrounded by sharp spiked logs. This wall forms a meager defense against any solid enemies but keeps the goblins and other weaker monsters away.
  • Sky District – newly built district of town on the eastern section. Houses nicer houses and buildings, and home to a three story tower that holds a library and scholar as well as a new inn: The Blackstaff Inn… which caters to more wealthy customers.


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