Currency and Economy

Landinium economy is mainly based on trade goods and coin. The two main forms of coin currency in the realm are the mark and the sovereign.


A copper mark is the lowest form of currency and is what is used to pay the common labourers and farmers. It is often made of copper but can also be made of bronze or even tin. Marks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. They are typically hexagonal cut and flat with rounded edges. Landinium marks are marked with a dragon head on one side and an “L” on the other.

Some marks are cut in half and half-marks can be found in circulation as well.

50 marks weigh approximately one pound.

A silver sovereign is the next main form of coin currnecy and is the standard currency in the realm, typically found in use by the middle class, shop owners, etc… A silver sovereign is made of silver, though in times of metal shortages it is known for tin to be mixed. A silver sovereign is worth the same as ten marks.

A silver is smaller than a mark, and bears the hammer of Saturnalia on it. 75 sovereigns weigh approximately one pound.

A silver stag is also commonly circulated. It is a small, thick bar of silver etched with a stag head on one end, and the number “5” on the other. A silver stag is worth five sovereigns and 30 stags weigh approximately one pound.

A gold crown is a rare form of currency, typically only used by the upper middle class and nobility. Gold crowns are thick coins, with a shield and hammer on one side, and the profile of the king on the other. A gold crown is worth ten silver sovereigns, or one hundred marks. 40 gold crowns weigh approxmiately one pound.

A royal pound is used as currency and is similar to a stag in that it is a bar of gold. A royal pound weighs a tenth of a pound. They are worth five gold crowns.

Rare currency in the form of platinum can also be found, and a platinum coin’s value is variable depending on the trader. Platinum coins are almost entirely used exclusively by the upper nobility.

Typical Wages

The average laborer in the realm earns about a sovereign a day of work. A typical work week will see a laborer earn around five or six sovereigns. Laborers perform all kinds of menial tasks that keep the kingdoms functioning, from ditch digging to farmhands to rock quarrying and forestry.

Currency and Economy

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