Caer Lerion

Caer Lerion is a largely unsettled and uninhabited swath of land northwest of Landinium, near the foothills of Erethas. It is here that the party travels to establish a detailed map of the area and provide a colony for Landinium to help create a foothold to the Skytemple.

Not much is known about Caer Lerion. Caer Twyn has attempted to lay claim to the area as well, stating that the borders of the land fall within their own, but this is disputable as the area around Erethas has never been largely settled and it is only recently that the houses of Cict have begun to make large land grabs and claim it under their own flag.

The region is very rugged, with rolling plains, thick forests, and the beginnings of the Erethas mountain range. During the summer months, the untouched natural beauty of the place is breathtaking, with crystal clear lakes and emerald green surroundings broken up by the grey/white granite of the mountain ranges. The weather gets moderately warm, with much rain.

The cold weather moves in from the northern expanse in early autumn, painting the landscape around with beautiful red, gold, and violet leaves. The grass itself turns from emerald green to a sapphire hue. The snows fall early and linger into mid spring.

What secrets are held within these lands? No real maps show the expanse in detail. The only area of note is a small piece of rugged land where a Landinium trader named Isca and his family has set up a trading post.

Caer Lerion

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