Age of Heroes

The Age of Heroes is a time period in Cict that happened five hundred years in the past that is generally considered to include many myths and legend that have become a part of the fabric of local life, but also considered to not have really happened.

The Age of Heroes encompasses the entirety of the Landinium Chronicles, a 4th edition D&D campaign that spanned two years from 2009 – 2011 and forms the basis for a lot of the happenings in the current world.

The White Order was established in Landinium and is a minor house in and of itself.

The Red Order of Saturnalia is factioned in the north and many warriors wear necklaces of silver or bronze bearing the sign of the hammer or of the warrior wielding a hammer.

Idria’s son has become the King of the West, though the prophecy of him restoring order to the land has not yet come to pass…

Idria herself is known as the two-faced maiden/hag and has prayers sent to her. The legend of her unraveling is well known throughout the lands.

The temple of Erethas in the mountainous center of the land, once said to house the gods themselves, has grown silent. The forges within are cold and the doors themselves are sealed and have been sealed since the end of the Age.

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Age of Heroes

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