The Age of Kings

Paikea Star - Journal Entry VII

Dearest Father,

It has been too long since I last wrote to you or heard from you – not to mention that it feels like years instead of months since I last saw you. I seem to have unwillingly started a quite a collection of scars. However I have always managed to back away from death’s door while sending others on their journey. We just managed to barely survive a fight while clearing this land for settlement. We defeated the brigand who has been calling himself the Stag Lord.

It was harsh fight – we saw the fort and instead of being tactical we went with a full frontal assault. While it was the most possible stupid way to go about it – we survived by the grace of the gods. The half-orc who has taken up with us gave insult to the fort and those within poured out before we could escape to a safe distance – so we stood our ground.

I wonder if others from his race have the same mental problems that plague Xavkul? I hope that not all are as seriously impaired of mental faculties. However his bravery and tenacity make up for his lack of impulse control and forward thinking. While he is often taking a stick to a hornet’s nest he does not run when the hornets come out to attack – he stands there taking their attacks while swatting them down.

The fighting was fierce, Father. The Stag Lord had senior men with him including a swashbuckler in magical armor and using a magical shield. He had a fallen paladin with him as well as an evil druid who was full of vile disease. We were triumphant in removing them all from this life as well as most of the henchmen. The fort itself is mostly serviceable – we will have to do much in way or repairs but it is livable.

We arrived back in Isca’s Hold to find a charter waiting for us to start a province for the Crown. It was hard earned reward for me and my companions. I hope that sometime soon we can visit the capital and I can see you and the rest of the family. We are going to have to settle this land and set it up to be a safe and productive province for the Crown. I may be calling on you for advice. I am not sure what role I will feel led to fulfill as we start this. I know what my end goal is but so far the path to it has been very chaotic – but rewarding.

As spoils of the fight – which was won by attacking from prone positions because we were mostly too weak to stand and swing a sword I am now wearing magically enhanced armor and wielding a magically enhanced rapier. I feel a twinge guilty for claiming both items but they were of no use to anyone else in our group. They make fun of my pointy sword – I think more than once it has been referred to as a toothpick. In addition they all wear loud clunky metal armor – so leather armor even magically enhanced is less useful than mundane metal.

I am getting along well with everyone much to my surprise – no one is getting on my nerves like I thought they would. We cooperate well together and have skill sets that compliment one another. I am thrilled to be of service to the King and this land.

I hope to see you sometime soon, Father.


Xavkul Mankin's Journal (Feb. 20th Session)

For those who are new to this, my character (Xavkul Mankin, Half-orc of Awesome) isn’t exactly what we might call literate. Therefore, in order to produce journal entries, Xavkul has decided to draw picture representations of how he interprets his daily life. In order to not clutter the journal page, I have condensed these journal entries into a form of highlight reel consisting of the most monumental of his emotions, or very interesting points in time. Enjoy the images!


Cleric gives me Bull Strength

Half-orc MAD!

I’m not dead yet!!!


Letter to my Uncle

This has been quiet overdo uncle just let you know that that me and my current companions are doing well in mapping out the area that you have given us. I’m not saying that it’s been in any way no. we have been in a lot of setbacks as of late with one of my complains meeting an untimely end at the hand of a suicidal goblin and its need of using fireballs dang is was very close to being killed in that battle. As well as my momentary cowardice because of the return of the shambling mound not sure if this is the same one as before however this time it has fallen. Funny thing is that I don’t understand how my half-orc friend is all there because he decided to take the head as a trophy from the thing I don’t think he understands that the thing has no head at all I truly don’t think he is all there sometimes. But I digress as we were lucky to make it back to the Iscas Hold in one piece. However when we did we were surprised to see that there were more merchants and mercenaries at the stronghold then before. I guess with the fact that the main portions of the bandits from the fire lord have made it easier to come to the stronghold and stay longer now that they don’t have to worry about any random bandit attacks its truly thanks to the combined efforts of my companions in this journey and the druid may she rest in peace. But yes we were lucky to find someone to replace and fallen comrade in an, I guess she is a mercenary named Allana she seems competent and strong willed. Mind you I think she is too much of a heavy sleeper because she basically sleeps threw almost the whole battle between us and a raiding from a horde of bandits. Other than that flaw in her I believe we can work well with her. Oh yes I almost forgot the defenses at Iscas Hold are coming together well I have almost finished completed the finishing the Catapults of the Hold and they should be up and running soon. I hope that we will be able to finish mapping the area in a matter of months as long as we don’t run into any unknown setbacks. Well knowing that the half-orc is there I think that will be a miracle with the way he acts toward things and his tendency to run off in another direction on that of a whim. You know it’s weird that the quickest person on their feet is the slowest person in the party and the quickest to anger on a whim. So in retrospect I would like to change my previous statement on the completion of the map of the area to be about 2 – 6 months to finish the mission that I am currently on. Wish you well uncle I will send updates on my progress when I am able.

The Journal of Allanna part two

(Because Nick’s phone cut me off)

I nearly slept through an entire battle with a group of bandits. I’ve never been exactly a light sleeper, but even I shouldn’t have been able to sleep through this! But even as I struggled to escape from the vines in my nightmare I couldn’t escape from sleep.

I’m beginning to wonder if I even should have joined this group. Will I ever be of any help to them, or will I just be dead weight weighing them down? Even the half-orc, a being with less intelligence than three rocks was of greater help than I was. I’ll have to try harder over the next few days to prove my worth, or I may find myself forced out of another group.

The Journal of Allanna

I’m not sure what to think of these new people I’ve joined up with. There are five of them,a human paladin named Chris who is also a member of the brotherhood. There’s a half-orc barbarian who’s name is difficult to say or even remember. Mostly they just call him orc or barbarian. I’m fairly certain he’d answer to just about anything. I’ve heard them cal him ‘stupid’ on occasion and he responds, but unintelligent as he is, he is rather friendly for an orc. The dwarf, Xavien, is a cleric and I think it is only his devout faith that keeps this entire group from dying. Soreon is a good fighter, but seemed a tad cowardly. He is aleays hiding behind his shield or trying to run sway from the fight. When he saw that we couldn’t run away he csme back to fight, but still, it is the principal of the matter. The last party member, Paikea, was ill and didn’t venture out with us for.this bit of exploration, so I don’t know much about her, but i’ll be interested to see what she’s like once she feels better.

I’m replacing thr spot of a fallen adventurer from their group, some sort of wild wood elf. Im not even sure how an elf and an orc were friends, but they didn’t kill each other, so they must have been. They mourned and honored her, but after a very short time they went right back out there into the wilderness where she was killed. Are they brave or foolhardy? Im hoping brave, because what we’ve come across already was extraordinary. It would be disheartening if ee inly survived because if luck instead of skill.

It started off calmly enough, we explored and mapped and nothing happened. And then we came across something soo horrifying that i’ll dream of it for years to come. A plant came to life and attacked and nearly killed us. The group had come across one of these before. Again, I’m not sure how they can come out and keep exploring after encountering one of these. The plant moved, and not only could it move, but it was faster than us. It was imposdible to outflank brczuse its vines appeared to be able to see independently. I was knocked unconscious early on in the fight, making me a useless addituon to the party. When I came to from their healing the creature lay dead at the feet of the barbarian. At least I hope its dead. Was that sao bleeding out onto the ground draining its life force like blood would for an animal, or eas it injured and just needed time to regrouo?

I’m never going to look at a plant the same way again. I’ll always wonfer if i’m just seconds away from annoying it so much that it attacks. But everyone else is moving on like nothing untoeard hapoened, so I am pretending that i’m not hsving nightmares and i’m moving on as well.

But the nightmares… They are indescribable and inescaoable. I was so caught up in a nightmare of being strangled by plants that I slept through an entirr battle with a grouo of elvr

Xavkul's Journal (Feb. 13th Session)

For those who are new to this, my character (Xavkul Mankin, Half-orc of Awesome) isn’t exactly what we might call literate. Therefore, in order to produce journal entries, Xavkul has decided to draw picture representations of how he interprets his daily life. In order to not clutter the journal page, I have condensed these journal entries into a form of highlight reel consisting of the most monumental of his emotions, or very interesting points in time. Enjoy the images!

The Butterfly

The Javelin

Stupid Elf. He dead now.


My new best friend!

My Trophy

Paikea Star - Letters Home VI

July 12


I am not sure why I am writing a letter to a dead woman, but I am. I know I saw your face before you died, but I do not remember it. Father says I look a lot like you. He always gets a bit of sadness in his face when he tells me that. I think he misses you a lot, even though he is happy with his life. I am mostly happy with mine as well. There are a few things I would change if I could but no use dwelling on that.

I am writing you because my friends and I almost died yesterday. Even though I am with others – right now I am feeling very alone. You see, I have been sent on a King’s errand. I am helping to clear land around the holiest mountain range in Cict. One day my King plans to ascend the mountains and claim the title of King of the entire continent, instead of just King of Landinium.

I am sitting and watching my friends heal wounds – it is kind of boring but it is much better to be bored as they heal than mourning the death of any of them, even that fool Xavkul. You see, Mom, we were seeking out a warren of goblins. When we found it – Xavkul ran forward screaming out a war cry. Even though some of my companions are wearing incredibly LOUD metal armor and have the gracefulness of a puppy on an icy puddle – we could have approached much more stealthily.

Suddenly as we moved forward far behind him, he disappeared into the trunk of the tree – having found the entrance to the goblins’ lair. By the time we made it to the tree and found the opening – Xavkul was bleeding out in a stream under the tree with goblin arrows sticking out of his blasted hide. Soreon and Kris did their best to keep the goblins engaged while Xavian brought the healing power of Pelor down.

It was touch and go – I am sporting several new scars from goblin arrows myself. In the end Soreon and I had to drag bodies up with ropes. I think it is lucky that neither of us broke our backs getting friends in metal armor up and out of the lair.

Just when we thought we were in the clear one of the goblins appeared while riding a huge centipede. It ate one of our mules before Soreon and I were able to fell the beast. If it were not for our luck in finding exposed areas for attacks someone surely would have died either from the bite or poison.

So now we are healing and I just need someone to tell me it will turn out ok and that the pain is worth it in the end. I know that no one can tell me that – for no one knows for sure that things will turn out in the end. If they do or do not – I would not want to know. There would be no fun in life if I knew how it would turn out.

I am not sure what we will do with Xavkul. I am afraid at this rate he will end up on trial for getting Soreon killed. The King would not take it lightly if there were to occur. He comes in handy in a fight – at least for a few seconds before he succumbs to his wounds. Maybe we can reason with him, maybe not.

Well I am going to try and get some sleep. We now know there are kobolds in the area and plan on assaulting them tomorrow. I think I prefer hunting human brigands to these fouls beasts.


The Journal of Xavian Grey Part VI
Xavian's Journal

July 10, 542
The past couple of days have not been easy. To be completely honest, I am surprised that we are all even alive at this point. It all started when we discovered the old sycamore tree that was rumored to be the lair for a community of goblins. Upon arrival Xavkul got the whim to try and chop the tree down with his great axe. This is probably the worst possible thing that could have happened. The rest of us stood in horror as he began hacking away at the tree.

Moments after he began his quest to bring the great tree down, several arrows struck him from a whole at the base of the tree. This is when Xavkul decided to jump down the hole to seek out his attackers, despite the rest of the group being several hundred feet behind him after running to the tree in his excitement. By the time the rest of us made it to the tree and into the lair beneath, Xavkul had already been knocked unconscious, and we found ourselves quickly surrounded by the goblins, and the centipedes that they apparently can live with peacefully.

We fought long and hard against the goblins. I did everything I could to keep everyone standing until I had exhausted all of the blessings could grant me for one day. Wave after wave the goblins continued to come with their bows and tiny swords. At one point we even encountered the chieftain riding his huge tick companion through the tunnels. After a long fight, the death of many goblins, including their chieftain, and Xavkul and Kris both being knocked unconscious, the remainder of the goblins turned to flee farther into the tunnels. I was grateful for this, for I was also near the point of toppling from my wounds. It was at this time that we quickly collected the unconscious and made our way back to the surface in hopes to reunite with the druid, who had earlier fled the battle under our instructions.

Once we returned to the surface the druid was nowhere to be seen, but she later united with us here at camp. She is indeed a skilled tracker. In our anger we planned to burn the tree down, along with whatever goblins may be remaining inside. It was during the attempts to burn the tree that we were interrupted by a great rumbling from the ground. A massive centipede with goblin rider came bursting from the ground. We immediately scrambled in an attempt to escape. I did the best I could to tie Kris to the back of one of the donkeys to send it fleeing to get him farther from the danger, but my knot quickly failed after the donkey began to flee. As I was doing this the others were able to shoot the rider from the beasts back with their bows. Before I had the chance to get Xavkul onto the other donkey, the centipede killed it with one swift bite.

I feared for my life at this point. It was then that Soreon saved me with the distraction of an arrow he fired at the centipede. This was the turning point in the fight. The centipede took to the distraction immediately and charged toward Soreon. Lucky for us, it misjudged the assault and came up just short of Soreon as he braced for impact with his polearm, and left itself off balance. Soreon seized the opportunity and with one clean sweep of his weapon, spilled the guts of the beast all over the ground. Paikea swiftly followed this with an arrow to what we assume was the throat to finish it off. As quickly as we could after this, we gathered everyone and everything and made haste to get as far away as possible before making camp.

We spent the remainder of the evening and all of today in camp recovering from our wounds. While the weather has been bad today, with a great storm blowing in, I consider us lucky. It has likely deterred anything that may have been left at the tree from pursuing us, as well as keeping away other natural predators that could have caught us off guard in the time of great vulnerability. Tomorrow we will hopefully be able to return to the tree.

Long overdue and maybe a will and testament of Soreon Silvermane Sorben

I have meet lots of new people in the month that we have started this journey for the king to map the land past and around Caer Lerion. Why am I deciding to do this is because well I’m currently having to look death in the face all because of for lake a better word a moron. Truthfully I thought I could see myself taking over for my Uncle. The instrument of my demise is in the form of an idiot hitting a tree that was over a goblin hideout or is it a settlement. We’ll all I can say is I’m pissed I will not be denied my right to the chance of the thrown and I will not loss the people that have come with me Gorum give me strength to protect and destroy the goblins or until my dying breath I will give my all and my shield will protect all I cannot. I’m just hoping they cannot use the tactics that were ingrained into me as a child. Also we need to give the bane my soul currently a perfect leash and chocker just got to figure a way to get him to wear it maybe my friend Paikea can figure a way to persuade (cough) trick (Cough) into wearing his new gift.
It all started when we were given a decree to map out all of Caer Lerion by my uncle well I should say the king. We have ran into many strange encounters like the Crazy moving mound of shrubbery I am hopping we never meet that thing ever again I barely made it by the skin of my teeth even when I was drag my new companions on this journey to keep them from being taken by and I think eaten by the thing. When went back to the settlement and were treated for our wounds we had to go thru there again to get to the next section of the area. Thankfully it was not still there. Next thing we ran into was a giant centipede I was not that lucky when I tried to get Kris and Xavian this time and was knocked unconscious. We were only saved from the thing because of the quick thinking and luck of our friend from the wilderness currently I cannot think of her name at the moment. However this is also when I met the bane of my existence Xavkul Mankin. But there has been some funny things that have happened like him getting eaten by a giant frog we saved him and I thought that would have made him think before he leaps but no. next time we turn around we see him running towards a bandit camp by himself we only nearly survived that encounter thanks to my druidic friend. Once again I would have thought that he would have had at least a survival instinct I mean come on. Once again I was incorrect in my thoughts on that now this is where we come full circle and come to the front of the tree where once again we see him doing something instincts would tell him not to oh well. All I can say is what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Paikea Star - Letters Home part V

July 4

Dearest Father

Father – I hope all is well for you in Landinium. Things are going well out here in the wilds. We have been doing well in our mission of mapping and clearing the land of brigands and other beasts. I am noticing the benefits of the adage that with practice you become better at things. I have noticed of late that my aim is better and I am more quiet than I started out being as I walk through the wilds – though some of my friends wear a lot of metal so it does not often serve us as a group well if just one of us moves silently through the grasses and trees.

What I want to tell you about is a small temple (probably more of a shrine) that we found. We knew that somewhere in the area there was a shrine to old an old Elven god that was reported to be home to an evil spirit. No one could tell us what the spirit was or if the spirit was a real spirit or just a bad person or beast. So we have been on the lookout for it – we were confident in our ability to clean it up so that no future citizens of Landinium would in harms way.

Just a few nights ago we ran into a fellow who was very into the tobacco he was smoking named Bocoob. He mentioned the shrine being nearby. The next day we set out for it – trusting that we could handle what was thrown at us.

Upon approaching it there was a fouled fountain that had a scum of thick algae growing in it. There were steps approaching a cave and as we approached there was a bellow so loud it felt like the ground was shaking beneath our feet. A huge cave bear and a cub came out of the opening and were suddenly at the top of the stairs.

We started to react and formulate a plan as the bears stood their ground when one of my companions decided to charge up the stairs. All hell seemed to break loose and time felt frozen at the same time. The huge bear towered over the barbarian – its paws bigger than the Half-Orc’s head. I tried tactical movements – getting into position to fire arrows at the smaller of the bears from a safe distance. To tell the truth – some of the details of the fight are fuzzy because of what happened at the end of it. Eventually we brought down both bears – and when they fell they transformed from bears to people!

One of my companions who knows about these things called them Blighters and Darkspawn. What ever they were was holding a curse like grip on the surrounding lands. Once they were gone the air seemed cleaner and the land felt more fecund. We spent time cleaning up the shrine. The fountain miraculously cleaned itself once they were killed and their taint was removed from the land.

If you hear anything about me getting attacked and gored by a boar – obviously it ended better for me than the boar, since you are continuing to get letters. Is there anything exciting going on in the Capital?

When we got back to Isca’s Hold – Stannis was there with a proclamation for Soreon about settling the land once we get it all cleaned out. That should prove interesting – I am not sure if the residents already here seemed to keen on that.

Well I should close this out and get to making sure we are equipped for the next foray into the wilds. We have heard of a goblins raiding caravans, someone killing unicorns, and seen evidence of Caer Twyn traders and guards in the area. I will let you know of further developments as they occur.



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