The Age of Kings

Letters Home -Paikea Star

Dearest brother and sisters:
I find myself almost overcome with sadness. To-date we have lost three companions on our quest to clear this land for the King. The last one to join us in our endeavor lost his life while hiding in the branches of a tree as reptilian beasts charged against us. He put up a valiant fight but in the end he was not able to defend himself long enough for someone to come to his aid. I almost succumbed to my injuries as well. Among the dangers of our last battle – having to jump out of a tree, moving into melee battle against the toughest foe we were facing in order to distract him long enough for our cleric, Xavian, to provide Pelor’s aid to others.
I am managing to scribble out a few words while Pelor’s strength and healing touch takes affect – we are about to hurl ourselves into crocodile infested water to reach an encampment of Lizardmen. Let me recount some of what has been going on.

Keurig is once again trying to prosper after the catastrophic fire set us back and cost us a fortune. We have started with housing and farming communities. This is working out better. However loosing Isca’s shop still troubles me. He has been so kind to us and he was not too keen on us setting up an actual town – and now it has cost him. Hopefully soon we will have money to help him rebuild.

It is to that end – money that we set off from the town. We need to find some of the rumored treasure buried and hidden in the area. One would think that is settlers leave home to build a new life somewhere else they would at least bring some materials to build their new home. Nope they s how up dragging their belongings and expect us to have housing built for them. So now another companion is dead and we still don’t have enough money on hand to build more housing or shops. Perhaps we should put them all to work in the mine and eek out all the gold it has to share.

Well we will not be doing that – it would be unfair – not everyone is cut out to be a miner. I sure do not want to go down into my mine myself nor do I want to tend to crops. What I would like to do is find enough money so that we can stay in town for a few weeks. I have the hides of hydra’s and will soon have the hides of lizards and crocodiles. I think some finely crafted items from these materials would be a way to sooth my soul – that and I could sell what I don’t use or give to friends.
So back to this running a frontier town – it’s not the most fun thing in the world nor is it the worst thing. We need more skilled artisans or some competent teachers to come and train the others we have. I would also not be opposed to some really incredible rich person with no family dying and leaving all their money to our town. While that is unlikely to happen – I guess we will continue to skimp and scrape by. Next time we get to go to a real city I will have to find a tattoo artist who can design something to cover up all the scars I am accumulating or at the very least labeling them so I remember were they are coming from.
Don’t let dad know I am down in spirits – I do not want him to worry. Nor let me know that I am barely alive. My wounds will heal up nicely and there are rumors around of caches of buried treasure for us to find. I just hope I do not have to burry many more friends as we eek out a meager living out here in what feels like the end of the world.
Stay safe and home and make sure to do all your lessons and mind Mom and Dad.
Love Pai

Soreons Journal

Well we tried to steer clear of the one that the old woman wanted us to. We failed in that respect quite measurable. I’m not going to lie, he is bat shit crazy. He talked to his freaking tree for Gorums sake. Man he was evil as well and hated Kurieg with a passion he was happy with what this buddy Jesus had done to Kurieg with the massive fire it sustained. He also had multiple big cats and a scorpion as well. He named the cats’ cat 1 and cat 2 but he didn’t seem fit to have a name for the scorpion since he says that all he does is pinch a lot his words not mine by the way. He basically forced us to come in for dinner and tea.

But with Paikea’s silver tongue we got out of eating and drinking his concoction since he hinted that he was quite versed in the ways of poisons. The cat I don’t know which one cat 1 or cat 2 but it was eying me a little eagerly, much like it wanted to open me up like I was tuna in a can. One good thing came out of this though in that we acquired some possessions that he had after his untimely death from Kris’s sword or Paikea’s rapier not sure which one did him in.

The whole reason this came to pass was because he wanted to kill some gnomes that trekked on his land and he wanted said gnomes skulls to give to the potions maker to make up with him since the brothers had a falling out of sorts. But yeah we killed him and his pets as we went with him to slay the gnomes. As we walked there we say truly how crazy he was as he told us about the trees in the forest and how one of them was a bitch. During the battle the three creatures steered clear of me. If I were to hypothesize on this it would be because of my armor and shield I wield that deterred them.

You know I seem to always be on watch when things seem to attack for some reason. I have no idea why but I guess it could be because Gorum wants me to be in the battle as quickly as possible, but that could just be a guess on my part.

I was almost killed during one battle when it came to a hydra that came out and decided we were a good meal to have flame broiled. I was lucky to get out of the way of his flames with only minor burns as I lead it away from the party since it had difficulty getting threw my armor I wore. However I froze and forgot what I could do versus this foe and I paid dearly for that as I have the third degree burns to prove this. But hey I guess this is a learning experience for me that I hope to learn from .

nothing really to report

What could we do when nothing worked we made it to Kureig. And what happens a fire breaks out on to the place we have worked on with the help of the people was burned down by the bastards from the fire lord with buddy jesus doing the dirty deed, but then a gain something good came out of this though I am so close to completing this armor for the king of kureig Kris.

After I have complete this work of art I will be making a dimunitive great axe for the squirrel, well because I truly believe that it’s the reincarnation of the half orc Xavkul Mankin because it rages like him at a drop of a hat and seems to stare at the great axe with a sort of longing.

Another thing that we had was a werewolf that came to town and killed prostitutes and such. What shall we do for money though I have a feeling that this is only the begging of the troubles we will see in the future and most likely not the last time we will see of buddy jesus.

I hope we run into this bastard so that we may put him to justice. As well as have a public execution like we did a month prior to the werewolf. But back to the plate armor it is coming together nicely and I have begun to carve out the intricate details of the armor and have almost gotten all the jewels that will be set into this master piece because like I said it has been a long 3 months that I stated in kurieg and not done anything since.

Well we are currently on the road mapping out the area and we have ran into some gnomes that needed help with their carriage. Unfortunately for us we were not able to save the horses or the cargo from being destroyed and drowning with all the wares that were with it. But we did save the gnome from almost going down with his cargo. He only had some miner concussion from getting hit by the panicked horses.

Ah yes I also remember that we ran into a nice old lady that lived in a cottage to the north and she allowed us to stay with her for the night and she fed us as well. She also told us to steer clear of the hermits brother because he is crazy beyond any stretch of the imagination. She also gave a quest to find a certain type of mushroom that she uses in here concoctions she brews and she will pay us quite handsomely for this things with the amount being a 100 gold pieces a pop. Him I think I know what I will do with Kris’s full blade a am creating I think it will be a matching set with the plate armor I am making for him I just hope it dosent take as long as the plate armor is taking to finish. I also hope we wont have any more unforeseen mishaps in kurieg for at least a while

The Flames of Keurig

The city of Keurig was mostly burned after agents of Buddy-Jesus set fire to the town in the dead of winter. It was catastrophic…

The party ventured north to continue mapping after trying to salvage their city in the spring that year. They reached the northern lakes where they met an old woman who clued them in on the surrounding area (after reminding them a little of “the witch” from another campaign, this one sounded suspiciously like a redneck meatwad).

Warned of the druid’s insane brother in the woods, the party ventures into the dark wood to seek him out. And while the squirrel follows, eyebrows raised and rock in hand, a sorcerer joins the party from the wilderness…

Letters Home - Paikea Star

Dearest Father,
I am sure you have now heard about the fire that ravaged through the city we founded on behalf of the Crown. Luckily no one was injured in the fire but Keurig would have perished were it not for the dedication of the citizens who have moved into the wild territory. We have begun rebuilding and it is slow going. We are not keen to raise taxes to heavily in order to fund building – however if people want housing we have to have capital to buy supplies. We are doing well with raising some of our own food now and the mine we founded is helping produce some coin as well.

I miss you, and the rest of the family. I hope that someday soon we can venture into Landinium and visit. It has been almost a year since we left. I am sure the young ones have sprouted like weeds this past year.

Since the fire there have been several grisly murders in town – first there was a werewolf in our midst. He brutally murdered a few citizens before we were able to catch him and dispose of him. Luckily we knew enough lore of old to prepare for the fight with silver weapons. Then a man in the city began murdering some of the ladies of the night in town. We were able to track him down and showed him the King’s Justice.

What was interesting is that both the fire and the murderer of the ladies of night both claimed to be agents of the Fire Lord and his so called missionary Buddy Jesus. It is disturbing that so many agents of Caer Twyn have come so far into Landinium. I do not want to make rash judgments about an entire kingdom – but I have yet to meet anyone nice from Caer Twyn. So far we have run into some soldiers who were less than friendly and we were not threatening to them. At least they did not attack, though we were prepared for them if they did.
This Buddy Jesus figure is a shady figure to say the least – at worst he is a terrorist. When we come into contact with him we will treat him as such – his followers have attacked Landinium and its citizenry.

Currently we are on a mission to find some elven ruins in the area from the past era. I am interested in all things Elven and hope there are some tomes that have survived. Someday soon when we are able to take a trip south to the city I will need to share a pint with you and tell you all about what we find. Though we can tell Mum that we shared a good pot of tea instead!
I hope all is well – with you and in the city itself.

We do not hear much of what is going on down South. We are going to need to hire some minstrels and perhaps as few teachers – lots of families up here with small children. If you hear of a surplus of teachers or minstrels in the city please send them our way. It would also not hurt my feelings if you put a letter for me in with them on their trip north.
I miss you and the family terribly.

loss of a friend

We have made it back to keurig after a tring time searching for money to better kris’s new kingdom. It looks like we wont be able to stop unrest in our place since we failed miserable at gaining funds. We had also saw the remains of a unicorn that was killed and had its horn removed and its carcus left in a random swamp. But hey it is a clue so we have a starting point to find who has been doing such a thing as this.

It was not all without some productivity with us helping 3 groups of people for the month that we were out of Keurig. The first person we helped was a dryad that needed help with the fact that the forest she watched over was being slowly destroyed by some evil entity. She had also pointed us into the direction of the anomaly that had done this.

We went into the direction the dryad gave use and we noticed that the farther we went, the trees looked as if they had been strangled. As we were walking, I and Paikea saw something that was trying to ambush us. However it really didn’t matter because five shock lizards attacked us; man they almost destroyed us, evil little bastards.

You know metal anything sucks with these creatures, they almost fried me. But we made it through that battle. We were completely exhausted as we made it to where we would camp. We had set the camp up and we ate our dinner.

Before we could begin we were ambushed by a an evil tree. I know its weird but the tree completely caught us off guard and we paid for it dearly. This battle was epic and more of a slaughter. We were completely out-classed and only made it out by the skin of our teeth. It was not without loss.

Our crazy half orc by the name of Xavkul was slaughtered by the treant and was eaten. We had taken what we could find and brought him back to the dryad. She allowed us to bury our comrade around there.

As we began our treck back to Keurig we came unto a disagreement between some loggers and a pixie that had charmed some of the logger’s comrades. that was about the fact that the loggers were cutting down the pixies home. But we helped them by having the loggers clear out some of the forest around the roads that we have built threw the forest.

The pixie would not let the loggers go until we had the trees that were previously cut down. So we had to go back to the dryads forest to get tree tokens. When we got back there we got back we met up with a angry squirrel which I to this day think that it is Xavkul reincarnated. Long story short we got back to the pixie and got her new full grown trees. Now we have made it back to Keurig to with our companians trusty axe that is now on display in the Red dragon inn.

Another Fallen

And so it was that in the end of November with winter closing in, the group did encounter a fey glade, and were sent on a quest to rid the forest of a great evil that took the shape of a blight tree.

And upon facing that blight tree, Xavkul did fall to its scythe limbs.

His axe will be hefted upon the wall at the Red Dragon Inn in Keurig.


Paikea Start - Letters Home - VIII

Dearest Luarent

It has been a while since we corresponded. I hope all is well with you and that things are secure in Landinium. Here on the frontier there are new developments. After vanquishing the brigand “lord” calling himself the Stag Lord, the King saw fit to issue a charter to settle the land up here and provided seed money to do so.

What I cannot quite understand yet is how we ended up with a Paladin as a governor. Soreon seemed unsure of himself and did not want to wear the mantle of leadership and be governor himself. Perhaps he feels that he is not ready yet to command the new province – he prefers to command the battlefield and make a name for himself as General of the North.

It was nice to see Kris be so ambitious – it is rare to see someone of his ilk want to break out of the general mold of paladin and take up the banner of leader. He is very steady and not prone to rash decisions so we will see how he does as governor. I sense that my companions could grow bored very quickly with the tedious nature of managing day to day operations of building, justice, managing resources, and hearing complaints.

I was surprised to see how Xavkul reacted to the nature of organizing a town – he stepped up and was serious in nature and never caused a disruption. Perhaps giving him a measure or responsibilities is good for him and will help him not be so rash when we encounter enemies in the field or in town.

One issue that seems to be constantly raring its ugly head is there is never enough money to do all we want. So many things to consider – do we keep taxes low to making people happy, do we raise taxes to build more so that more people come to join us, do we have costly festivals to raise the morale of people living out here in the wilds, etc… So far we have built three blocks of housing units and they are already full. We have people who want to push further north and form a settlement – yet the money to do this is not in the treasury at this time.

So we are venturing out, hopefully our skills in the field have not grown rusty during the three months we have stayed in town. We have heard rumors of lizardmen scouts and a possible group of militants north of us – so we are venturing out to see what is out there. Hopefully it will provide a challenge to us, increasing out combat and tactical skills while helping us clear land for the Crown.

I hope someday soon we are able to make a trip to Landinium proper. I would like to check in with you – I have been studying languages the best I can while up here. I have picked up a fair amount of Goblin, Aklo, and Infernal. I am hoping to find other language texts in town to study. There are other skills as well that I will only be able to pick up from others specially trained.

Recently I have become more efficient with a melee weapon – the rapier seems to suit me better than a long or short sword ever could. I managed to pick up a very well made one off a compaion to the now dead Stag Lord, it is extremely well balanced – though I am still not to keen on getting in hand to hand combat with our enemies. I would like to research this sword and see if its proveance can be documented. I think it is quite old.

Well Laurent I must go and pack my kit for our return to the wilds, hopefully we will see each other soon and swap stories over a warm mug of tea.


Murphy's Law sucks by Soreon

You know I thought that the half orc could not do something stupid or get us into trouble not sense the goblin incident or the incident with the stag lord affiliated bandits or even more the Orc infested tower. But no Murphy’s Law had to rear its ugly head. I guess when you say something along the lines of “what’s the worst that could happen” or “he can’t get us into more trouble”. You really should never say those things especially when a person you are traveling with has strength that is inversely proportional to their intelligent. This fiasco all started as a great week the birds were chirping. The wilderness was beautiful. I and my companions were doing our job for the kingdom by finishing up mapping around 48 miles of terrain. We were going into another section of the uncharted land and we come up to see a stronghold in the distance. We knew that the place was inhabited by someone and not abandoned by the fires that were burning. Well it was close to night fall so we decided that we would take the main road towards the place we made it there and were seen by the guards. We didn’t see this as a problem how wrong we were. They told us to halt and state our business. We stated that we were there for the fact that we thought we could stay the night. We weren’t foolish enough to tell them who we were and what we were doing out there for obvious reasons. When we told them that they said to leave our gear as tribute to the stag lord and leave or there would be dire consequences. This is where it went for a turn for the worst because of our half orc friend decided it was a good idea to flip them off. That’s when all hell broke loose and the bandit guards shot him with crossbows well the good thing is that they really only shot the half orc at range. We thought we could hastily retreat so we wouldn’t have to fight all the people at once but the curse of the stronghold decided against that when it summoned zombies out of the ground to keep us there. After we thought we got rid of the annoying undead more bandits came out of the fortress. We dispatched them easily enough with minor casualties. If it wasn’t worse enough that had an owl bear. I mean come on why did they have to have an owl bear. Well it came for me woohoo yey me. That’s when it got bad the thing was missing me for the most part then it got threw my shield and sent me down. I was out for a minute then I woke up to see the thing still next to me so I decided to drink a potion and pray that it did not see me. Man was I lucky. I got up and got back to fighting the thing but then I was knocked out again by some crazy knight. Man after all that stuff I just have glimpses of the battle and of some random honey badger. But hey we made it to the end don’t know how or when but we made it. Thank you Gorum

Alanna's Journal

I should be dead. I shouldn’t be sitting here with paper trying to put down my thoughts. That dratted half-orc may have saved us from that shambling mound last time, but this time he nearly got us all killed.

I have to admit that for a moment we were as much to blame as he was. We saw a keep and instead of going around it, or quietly investigating, we walked straight up to it. I think it’s because most of us have some noble blood, and think that if there’s a keep it belongs to us. A foolish assumption, but we walked up boldly only to find that the place was inhabited by the most notorious bandits in the countryside.

They told us to leave our offerings and go. It would have hurt my pride, and that of my allies to do so, but it would have been the prudent thing to part with some of our money and come back later to clear out the place. But that twice damned orc went and insulted them with a piece of sign language that crosses all language barriers. It was a moment of seconds for the bandits to turn on us.

Arrows started to rain down on us, which wouldn’t have been much of a threat at their range. We could have escaped, except that as we tried to retreat undead emerged from the ground around us. The next few minutes were a blur as we hacked at bodies that should have been dead years before. It wasn’t difficult to defeat them, but there were so many of them that more able bodied fighters were able to reach us before we could kill them all and get away.

I lost count of the times that myself and my allies fell unconscious in the battle. There was always one of us on their feet fighting, and often the sight of one of us fighting was enough to rally us again. Kris and Soreon were back up on their feet multiple times, and again the healing of Xavien undoubtadly saved us. I wasn’t quite as strong as Kris and Soreon. When I would come to from my wounds I could only gather myself enough to slash out at an enemy from the ground before I would start to bleed out again on the ground.

At one point in the fight there was what must have been a true miracle. One of the toughest of the men we were fighting was wearing magic armor and fighting with a magic sword that made it nearly impossible to kill him and not be killed. But partway through the fight there was a flash as though one of the gods themselves stepped in to help us, and his weapon and armor broke, leaving him vulnerable and not nearly as strong. Even that was almost not enough for us to win, but we kept fighting.

The bandit lord himself came out to fight us, and he was much less scary than many of his men, although his appearance was fearsome, he was drunk off his ass and could barely fight. He was easy to overcome. His son the druid was tougher to fight, but we were able to defeat him as well.

I don’t know how we managed it. We killed everyone in a head on assault of a keep, and none of us died or even were wounded beyond Xavien’s ability to save us. I’m wondering if we are godswatched. Maybe we are fated to do something big in the world, and that’s why we are still alive. If so I hope that the gods keep watching, because I fear that we will only continue to get into trouble.


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