The Age of Kings

Trolls and Dragons, Woohoo- Soreon

Well my intuition about the swarms of rats was correct. I knew they were diseased; however I had no idea how bad they would affect me. Well they alone were not what would have cause considerable harm it was the troll shaman’s spell that got me to deaths door. The rats just got me closer to it than I could have wanted.

It all started the day after we fought the fey witch. Multiple Trolls came to the elven castle looking for signs of people there because of the battle that was fought on the grounds. They came here because if I were going to guess that it was in their territory. Well at the time I had no idea it was happening for I was at the time beginning to recreate my trusted shield, for what is a soldier without a shield to protect with?

Basically I finished my work for the day and saw that Paikea and Ricaek were knocking their bows out the window. So I joined them at one of the windows and saw the 3 trolls. So what could I do when presented with such a great opportunity? I decided to fire at them well the one that had the skull of a dragon on him. I had hit the beast in the chest, so started our long and difficult struggle to live.

One of the trolls decided to climb up the side of the tower to get into the window. The other two decided to go through the doors on opposite ends. While this was happening I vaguely remember Kris and Xavian went to the steps to block the entrance. The one climbing finally made it to the window so I had to get in its face. This is where it got bad one of the trolls sent in a cloud of eerie fog that sapped part of my life away. I could not think so I decided to climb out the window. I don’t know what happened after that. But I do remember seeing a troll run by. After the battle ended I found out that Xavian had died from the strange fog.

We had decided to leave the fortress because of what Paikea said the troll said and start our trek to the elven cleric that helps our town. We chose this path because the elf owed us a favor so we cashed it in on saving our friend. The spell went off without any problems. But, we could tell that it took a toll on Xavian. As we left the place and started heading home we ran into another problem in the form of a green dragon. Once again I was on watch for this and I did not see him at all. So I got a face full of his breath weapon. We had fought the creature valiantly but it still kicked the crap out of us. I got lucky after he beat the crap out of me with his full attack. But it made a mistake and threw me over his back so I decided to stab it in its neck. After that the dragon cut his losses and flew away but first it marked us. Man who knew I would see a dragon so soon in my adventuring career.

Fey, Trolls, Dragons – Oh my!

So while still recuperating from the fight with the sexy fey lady – who enticed almost all of my friends into a lustful stupor three fracking trolls wandered into our new tower. Trolls???? Why yes we would love to have our sleep and recuperation by creatures big enough to eat us all as an amuse bouche to their meal. Now the best thing about these trolls was they had some magical treasure on them and I got a couple of nice sized pieces of troll-hide with which to make myself some bracers. The worse thing about trolls – is they have magic to use against us. After peppering the trolls with arrows and attacking with the full force of our full blade and pole arms one of them unleashed vile magic upon us that sucked the life right out of Xavian as his lungs filled with poison gas.

Alanna proposed that the spell must have been cloud kill whatever that is. It should be a crime for any civilized person to use such a spell. I could feel my strength draining as I fought my way towards clean air at the top of the tower. I was desperate as I saw the light shining through the window – and for the 2nd day in a row I left the building via a window. This time I was able to climb down instead of plummeting down. As I held onto the side of the building my fingertips and toes going numb I blinked furiously trying to clear the gas from my eyes as tears streamed down my face. I coughed and shook as I fought to hold on and expel the gas from my lungs. I could hear my friend struggling with me – some w here better able to climb than others. In a surprising move Alanna threw herself from the building and fall fast to the ground only to stand up and go after one of the trolls.

Because of the gas I was extremely weak when I made it to the ground. I was shoring up my strength and trying to rise to my feet as the two remaining trolls began attacking each other. Soon one was dead and the other left injured and muttering about telling the Big Boss about us. I did not care if he tells a vile dark god about us – I was happy to see him go.

Everyone still living was depleted and severally weakened by the fight – yet we pushed on taking the lifeless body of Xavian to the Druidic shrine in the forest – hoping our friend Johd could heal him. We were lucky and Johd was able to call upon the gods and bring life back to Xavian. We spent the night there allowing Johd to rest before pressing on to return to Keurig.

While we were but a day out from town – we had the unfortunate luck to encounter a forest dragon right before dawn. It snuck into our camp while Soreon was practicing his battle forms. When the dragon released its breath weapon against him the acrid smell work me and I rolled to my feet as I nocked an arrow. My companions were stirring and for a moment it was just Soreon facing off against the huge beast. Having recently fought some other beast with a breath weapon we knew better than to group up – so we scattered and tried fighting from a distance. One person at a time moved into melee with the creature.

The creature took down Soreon and Kris moved in while the rest of us tried to pierce the hide with bows. Xavian still healing from his recent fight with death moved around and tried offering the healing of Pelor when he could. It is because of this healing power that the Dragon left the field of battle. At one Soreon faked out the creature by playing dead. As soon as the creature had picked him up Soreon lashed out with all his strength driving his pole arm between the beasts shoulder blades. The cry was deafening. It tossed Soreon to the ground and continued to scream out – I looked around and most people looked worse than I did – so I was preparing to rush the beast, attacking, and then moving out of the way from it before it could attack me when it left. Our best guest was it figured that after all its dirty fighting attacks and unleashing it’s foul breath weapon twice none of us were yet dead – we continued to get up and fight – that it was safer to live to fight another day.

So we patched up our wounds and returned on our way. Within hours we could see the town of Keurig. Now to hope we are able to collect enough taxes to continue to expand.

Fey Rant- Soreon

I hate fey at the moment just as much as Kris’s full blade does. Let me tell you the reasons. First when we were in the courtyard we were ambushed by a bunch of little bastards with masks. Said little bastards killed my tower shield. I really liked that thing it has been with me for years and some uppity little fey bastard comes in and throws a bomb at me and destroys my shield. But he got his in the end. Oh yes he got his in the end. It also would not have been so bad if we weren’t completely surrounded by these little things that mocked us.

Then there were the freaking plants. Why is it always plants that come after us? I mean come on the two giant bushes, the killer tree, and finally the 2 killer plants we faced today. Is foliage just attracted to us or something? Oh and let us not forget the crazy spider like thing that with sharp teeth. Or the poison the little bastards had with them. Ok so I might be over reacting about all fey but god the one that we fight are annoying. Then one gets away and we don’t know if we will encounter him again. Personally I hope we do.

After the battle we spent the rest of our time investigating the towers that were stationed around the larger tower. We did find some worthwhile treasure in the towers. After we gathered the treasure we decided to tackle the final larger tower. Now we probably had been more cautious of the fact that this door was the only one that stood the test of time. But, hey as you know hindsight sucks. Well this proved that case for the fact that we set off a trap that nearly poisoned us. Some of us were lucky we made it out of the mist unharmed. Some of my companions were not as lucky and suffered the consequences of the poison.

After the fog cleared out we slowly ventured up the steps to find, one of the most beautiful woman I ever saw. However I should have noticed something was wrong when I saw those little bastards with the masks again. But I couldn’t close my eyes fast enough to escape the effects of here dance. So everyone except Paikea was captivated by her beautiful dance. And we could not retaliate properly to the little mask bastard’s assault. That was until Paikea tackled the woman and stopped her from doing here dance. Unfortunately before we could completely leave the effects of the dance Kris was affected by something that the lady had done and was forced to stand as her bodyguard. Until Paikea bull rushed her out of the window. After we saw her I ran down the stairs I saw her biting Paikea. So I ran up and stabbed her with my glaive killing her. However before she died she decided to send a curse my way and weakened me considerably. But after a quick rest Xavian saved me from whatever the woman did to me. Well I guess not all fey are bad but I needed to get this off my chest.

The Will of Paikea Star

The Last Will and Testament of Paikea Star

Having just now fought back from the precipice of death I feel that even though I have just now reached the ripe age of 22 – I feel that I must put my affairs in order. Last night – I found that what may be the most important thing in life – family worth dying for. The members of this family are not related to me by blood. While I love my relatives and would sacrifice all for them, I am not sure I would leap out of a building and plummet to my probable death. I have taken oaths for country and King but until last night that had no meaning.

Last night while trying to clear the land of vile aberrant fey creatures that embodied chaotic destruction – I was faced with doing something rash and possibly helping save friends by likely dying or trying to just save my own skin. While my companions were held in thrall by a fey nymph like creature who was shimmy and shaking her near naked form I had steeled my mind against her attempts at charm and was free to act. She and her minions were savage in their attacks. I knew that I was one blow from succumbing to death when I caught a glimpse of the open window in my peripheral vision. When I could next get in an attack – instead of attempting to skewer her with my rapier I dug in my heels and pushed off. In a few quick steps I gained enough momentum to propel both of us through window – knowing that the most likely outcome of this rash act was me to die as my body smacked the ground. As my feet left the window sill I let go of the nymph-like creature and righted my body so that I could make a final attempt at grabbing the jagged stones. I was able to hold on briefly – slowing my fall to the ground.

Once on the ground the attack continued. I did not succumb to the fall but I could feel bones were broken and blood flowing from my wounds sticky against my flesh while the coppery tang hung in the air. I crawled towards the creature while reaching into my pockets – withdrawing a potion we had just captured. I managed to pop the cork from the vial and splash her with the acid inside of it while she latched on to me. She took her sharp jagged teeth and dug them into my flesh – hitting a vein she began to drink the life from me as if she were a vampire. I could feel the life leaving my body as I lost consciousness.

I awoke later when my companions worked together to save me with potions and the power of Pelor. Their healing magic knitted together my broken bones and sealed up cuts and punctures in my sinew and flesh. Right now sitting by the fire I am exhausted just putting these words to paper. I can only surmise that my strength to sacrifice myself comes from loving this family of friends I have spent over a year with – out in the wilds clearing and exploring the land for our country and king. We have started a city and endured the frustration of managing resources. We will continue to do so – my commitment to them while never weak is strengthened.

So now to divvying up my possessions – I leave them to my companions out here in wilds of Landinium – may they use whatever I have to help them further their goals. There are a couple exceptions: I ask that they return the oldest bow and dagger I have, though no longer use to my Father. He gave me both items before setting out on this adventure and I would like him to have them. I have also attached a letter to him with this will and please deliver it with the items – should it be necessary. I do not want my body buried or burned. I want to complete the cycle of life. Please take my body deep into the woods and leave it as I was when I entered the world. Let the insects, animals, elements, and time take care of my body and use it as is there nature. Just like my companions should use my material possessions to further their own goals.

-Paikea Star

More to come - Soreon

We have begun our journey out again. To map out the Caer Lerion expanse again. Now that in its self is not a problem at all, but now we are in a long ruined elven tower. We have begun to search this place out for different things and we are in the process of taking care of the first of four towers in the outer ring and have come to a little problem in the form of evil entities in this tower as said by Kris since he is the one who can since these things. Now before we ended up in the vicinity of the evil presence we came to a little snag of a blanket of rats in a room that was smashed open by me.

I think I got out of that battle with little to no injuries and I hope that the rats weren’t a carrier for anything or I am in a whole lot of trouble. The evil presence per se was two small creatures that looked the same. On a brighter note kurieg is doing fantastic and has been getting better. It has started to flourish after the fire and we are getting better approval with the people after the appointment of the new treasurer Tumos Gentlebane. Man he is very dedicated in his job. He came after my uncle came in for the king to oversee the trail of the bard that follows buddy Jesus. He was found guilty and beheaded with ease by Tumos Gentlebane. After he was taken care of we were able to get kurieg back on track. While this was happening I finished Kris’s new full plate armor and not to toot my own horn but I say it has to be the best work that I have ever done. I believe that it is truly fit for a great paladin such as him.

On a side note I created a new ornate axe for the crazy squirrel to use. I think he was happy with it after the fact he started biting the thing but that could just be a guess on my part. We also had another part of my family come in the form of my aunt, queen Lavender Grey; she brought even more prosperity to the town of kurieg.

Now we also were able to open the new town that some people came by around a year ago at kurieg’s beginning as the town it is. Hmmm…. I wonder how my mom is doing. With the fact that my family is visiting Kurieg a lot I wonder when she will show up. Maybe I should write her again after such a long time since the last time I sent a message. We also found the begging of the mithril armor that I want to make for myself in the form of an elven statue. I wonder what other artifacts we will find in this elven tower or what other things we will fight to get to the end of it.

Letters Home - Things are looking better! Paikea Star

Dearest Father
I am not sure if you arranged for the help that was sent to us or not – but I am going to thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul. The last few months have been hard but things are improving. While I am not always thrilled with coercive techniques they are effective. Not only have the rabble-rousers from Caer Twyn been silenced, taxes have been paid, we have been able to afford festivals, reduce the rate of taxes, and rebuilt the city. We are now ready to expand the city so far we have helped to found another small village, completed a series of roads, and started enough farms to keep to control our consumption needs.

My friends and I are bickering less and our outlook is not so dismal. With our confidence having been restored we are looking forward to the new challenges before us. We still have land to map for the King – so we hope to finish that up soon. We know there are a lot of ruins in the area that we have not yet explored. I am sure they will present a challenge to us. We know that at least some of them are inhabited will-o-wisps. While clearing the land for settlement will be good – it will also be good if we can uncover enough treasure to finance the expansion as well. Soon I think we will need to fortify our eastern border from brigands and asshats from Caer Twyn – sorry to be blunt but so far not a single person I have met from there has been the least bit nice.

Oh I have picked up some new skills. I noticed that we have been meeting a lot of interesting creatures along the way and many have beautiful hides. For instance we have defeated crocodiles, hydras, and tatzelwyrms. So I decided to learn how to work the leather and am now able to produce masterwork quality items. My companion Xavian is able to channel the power of Pelor and he and I have talked of imbuing items with divine power. I have included with this letter a new crocodile belt and knife scabbard. I would appreciate you sending me traces of everyone in the family’s hands and feet. It will be fun to make boots and gloves for everyone out of exotic animals and send them home.

We picked up a new friend a few months ago. He is a woodsman. I am hopeful he will stick around with us. He has thus far proved humorous. He is an elf. He is not as delicate as the last one we found. He is almost as big as Soreon. I am so far surprised at how like humans the elves I have run into are. I guess I was naïve in my belief that they would be exotic. I think I have just romanticized elves from your stories of Ordar. One day I will have to go there and see for myself but until then I am content to explore this land.

In the future I expect to encounter some Trolls and be able to make some armor or cloaks from their tough hides. I will hopefully be able to send you a pair of gloves as a reminder of the important work we are doing for the king and as a thank you for the help you sent us.


The Accident- Soreon

A terrible mistake has occurred today I have killed a child in cold blood all because of a slip of my bow. It all started after the battle with the lizard men and their leader. Paikea, Kris, Xaivian, and I decided to trudge forward to search threw the lizard men strong hold to save the kid from the capture of the lizard men. You know that was the only reason we started this battle so openly because we saw the kid being tortured by the lizard men. Well we swam across the river to the stronghold and started our search for treasure and the child in question.

There were 7 huts in this encampment 6 of them were small homes and a then there was the one in the middle. It was a unanimous decision that we go to the large one last because we believed that it would have the most treasures held within it. So we searched the first couple of huts and we found nothing. Then we came to a hut that served as the lizard men’s eating place. Then we ended up at the hut with the women stayed.
This is where we found the child in the clutches of these lizard men females the leader held the boy at dagger point and was threatening us to let them go. This is where it went bad Paikea nocked an arrow to strike the egg they had with them. However one of the lizard women got in front of the thing before she could get off the shot. Then came my turn I nocked my arrow and fired. I don’t know how it happened, maybe the stress from the situation or the battle before but I missed and hit the boy in the neck and watched him die as the lizard women fled the back entrance.

I said a prayer and we trudged on and found what looked like a shaman’s lab with a dragon skull in the middle. As we walked in the skull glowed green and floated into the air everyone thought it was a trap that was setup so we ran out. When the huts drape was removed we saw the green ball still high in the air. It decided us to be hostile and attacked us. We tried to fight it and we were having a lot of difficulty with it so everyone decided to get out of there so we did after I hit it once. But it just followed us to our campsite and we finally had to end it.

When we got back to town there was a person there calling us incompetent, unfit to rule, and that our town was cursed by the gods. Sad thing was people believed it and we decided to throw him into jail. The group decided to yell their displeasure and we left to find the sword and decided to deal with everything when we get back. When we found where the sword was located we ran into a bunch of skeletons and a Whyte who was wielding it we got it but Kris was almost struck down by the sword. However we pulled threw it with no casualties.

The Journal of Xavian Grey Part VII
Xavian's Journal

April 22, 543

  • Explore NE into swamp (4 days to explore & map)
  • Encounter with a hydra in camp at night
    – Hydra was red skinned with 5 heads
    – Several party members nearly died, but hydra defeated
  • Encounter a second hydra the next day
    – Party nearly killed, but hydra defeated
    – Discover treasure trove nearby
  • Stumble across an island with mud huts, lizzardmen, a captive boy tied to the palisade and crocodiles all around
    – Ricaek shoots off fireworks to distract lizzard men from hurting the boy
    – Lizzard Men come rushing out to confront the party
    – Ricaek dies to the lizzard men, & rest of party in bad shape
  • Explore the camp where the boy was captured
    – One of the huts had a group of female lizard men
    – Attempting to perform some form of ritual with the boy & an egg
    – They Attempt to escape with the boy & the egg
    – Boy killed in the process, but they escape with the egged
    – Another of the huts contains treasure & a dragon skull
    – Dragon skull began to glow green upon entering
    – A ball of light emerged from under the skull (willow-wisp)
    – Fighting was not effective & no treasure recovered
    – Party retreats from the camp to attempt to rest
    – Wisp continues to follow & party finally manages to defeat it
    – Returned to the hut to recover the treasure
    – Continue to explore final hut & find more treasures
    – No signs of group with the egg rest of time there
  • Camp for the night to recover
  • Next day stuck because of rain & continue to recover
  • Finished exploring the area uneventfully

April 28, 543

  • Explore E into swamp (4 days to explore & map)
  • Exploration uneventful

May 2, 543

  • Returning back to the town
  • Arrive late on May 6

May 7, 543

  • Spent one week in town for upkeep purposes
  • A man in the commons was leading a rabble in the streets
    – He was speaking out against the party’s leadership
    – Appears to be no way to thwart him or change opinion of others
    • Party has Sir Kreston arrest the man for disturbing the peace
    • Leave the man in prison while going back out to explore

May 14, 543

  • Heading toward location of sword from previous map given to party

May 17, 543

  • Begin to explore barrow to find the sword
    – No sign of occupancy for a very long time
    – Large number of bats inside the barrow
  • One chamber has a skeleton on the floor
    – Appeared death due to trap
    – Large number of plates covering the floor, but disabled by Paikea
  • Another chamber had skeletons animate upon entering the room
    – Fight with a White who was wielding the sword & defeat him
    – Kris seems to need time to recover from effects of the fight with the White
Letters Home - Paikea

Dear Dad,
I am weary and need to visit the city. My body is beaten and my mind is numb. My companions and I are doing a failing job at settling this wild land. We are good at clearing the land and ridding it of bandits. We are not good at managing the city. We fall at gaining the cooperation of the citizenry in paying their taxes. I find myself losing my temper each time I am in town. I envision strangling someone each time I am there. This last time we were there an agent of Caer Twyn was in town spreading dissent and hate for Landinium. On top of his lies he was using sorcery to influence the crowds. I failed to come -up with a plan on dealing with him, other than tossing him in jail. The constant pressure to try and raise funds to maintain the city – not even expand it has taken the fun out of exploring. Enough of my bitching about my problems trying to expand the kingdom for our beloved King, let me move onto a fun subject – what we have found in the wilds.

We removed some lizardmen who were ready to encroach upon the citizenry. They had large lizards and crocodiles with them. I managed to strip the crocs from their skin and plan on making some nice items for my friends. There was a Will-O-Wisp guarding their treasury and it was most difficult to kill. It was hard to actually touch it with our weapons. In the process of cleaning out their encampment a small boy they had taken was killed.
Our next adventure dealt with going after a magical full blade for Kris. We had stumbled upon a map some time ago that indicated the location of a magical blade. We followed the clues and found a barrow as indicated on the map. We followed the path into the barrow and eventually found ourselves fighting skeletons. Our priest of Pelor was incredibly effective against them. It was inspiring to see the divine power he is able to channel.

Eventually we faced a most foul undead creature, a Wight. It was hard to defeat him. Each time he would attack he took life energy away. It was as if he was aging Kris when his sword would strike. As much as I tried I could not seem to land a blow or get an arrow to penetrate his armor. I am not sure how we managed to fell him but in the end we were triumphant. Kris is still trying to recover from his wounds and it may take him a while to do so.

So now we are better equipped to deal with the dangers we face – now we must strengthen our hearts and minds to better deal with the citizenry of Keurig. There has to be a better way of dealing with this crazy bard we have locked in our jail. If you hear of anyone wanting to leave the city and be a pioneer send them our way. We need people wanting to farm and skilled artisans. I hope we are able to take a break soon and head into Landinium for a short visit.

Life is Fragile- Soreon

Once again we find ourselves on the wrong end of a hydra and once again it deemed me the meal of the day but first it of course had to flame broil me so that I was cooked to perfection. You know we have almost died lots of times and it’s always us getting ambushed. Man that always sucked royally. But hey we made it out by the skin of our teeth without any unforeseen casualties. Mind you we have had lots of close calls for my own taste. But let us continue on as we find ourselves exploring more miles of the map to finish it we got to around 24 – about 36 or so we came across a settlement or fortress that was occupied by someone because of the fires that were coming from it. We were of course cautious of the place because our outstanding track record with things like this.

But that was dashed by what we saw before us. It was the lizard men camp that we were looking for. However the thing that set my blood to boil was the fact that some of the lizard men were dangling a child over the side of the fortress walls on top of a crocodile infested lake. Before we did anything we set ourselves up to be able to go after them. That’s when the giant elf Ricaek Moonshadow sent fireworks into the sky to get the lizard men’s attention. It worked perfectly and it had the entire encampment of lizard men and crocodile as well as a couple monitor lizards after us. Too bad they were foolish and decided to swim to the shore instead of trying to goad us to come to them. They gave use ample time to fire our ranged weapons at them. I decided to fire at the crocodiles and monitor lizards first. I decided this because they were more of an imminent threat for how fast they would swim compared to the lizard men.

I had taken down one or two of the creatures before they hit the shore and the rest were taken out before they moved to us by the fact that they moved far slower on land then in water. We were not so lucky with the lizard men because once they hit the shore with their boss they were upon us. And once again things ignored me for those around me. There were far too many of them to stave off without getting into hand to hand compact. Unfortunately this was where Ricaek Moonshadow fell to the might of the lizard men we had no idea until we saw the creatures loot his carcass and take everything he owned. But one thing that was funny in this whole thing was when the lizard used the wand of magic missile and fired it into his mouth. But we had the most trouble with the boss because he left combat with us and drank a potion after Kris sent him threw the ringer. But man Kris can take a betting and keep on ticking. We did defeat the boss and I have a new awesome weapon from it.


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