The Age of Kings

Twas a sad day

Twas a sad sad day…..

Dear Father,

So valiantly Soren stood with three ginormous trolls beating down on him, in the end the bastards were able to break through his tower shield and strike him dozens of times. The entire party survived by the grace of the heroics in behalf of the Paladin Kris and Soren’s willingness to put himself in harms way. Xavian managed to offer healing throughout the battle with the trolls but time and again they would focus on him, especially after dealing dozens of deadly pummeling attacks upon Soren.

One the first night out in a long time the group was out to map more of the territory and seek out riches to use in expanding Keruig and just settling in for the evening when suddenly there arose a clammor from the surrounding area as seven huge trolls came into camp. The group had fought a couple of trolls before and knew of the dangers and secrets to defeating them.

So in the ensujng melee Kris set his full blade ablaze and brought down the vengence of Pelor upon them as Soren planted his shield and used his bec d’corbin for a series of whirlwind attacks while Xavien worked to keep everyone healed. Cruckas tried to take a high perch in a tree and help concentrate fire on trolls Kris was fighting but in the end one pulled down the tree he was in. Luckily he survived and did not become a ranger kebab. I moved around the battlefield trying to coordinate my atracks with either Soren or Kris.

As the party thinned I had to take one or two on untill Kris could step in. Wow oh wow does it hurt when a troll whacks you with their fists or a weapon. In the end with only Kris and I standing the seven trolls were defeated. We gathered up friends and administered first aid. Upon discovering that Soren needs more than first aid we ate determined to track down the Trolls treasure and then return to Keruig in order to try and have his life restored.

I suspect we might have to travel back to the capitol for this and I may get to deliver this letter in person. While itI will be a sad occasion I would relish getting to see you all. It has been well over a year since we left on our journey for King and Country.




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