The Age of Kings

Return from hiatus

Trolls of doom

Pathfinder 9/3/12


We have discovered that Alanna is under the influence of a chemical known only as “Soul Lager”. The effects are unknown as of yet, but we have determined that her presences is likely detrimental to the city and its inhabitants. We are now focusing on rebuilding the town after its demise. The character known as “Buddy Jesus” has caused our kingdom and its inhabitants much grief as he strives to, what we can only guess to be destroy our livelihood. Life right now is less than simple.

After the failed attempt to collect funds for construction on the kingdom, we listen to the people trying to discern some information on the possibility of earning more funding. We have learned that there is a veil between this world and another that is thin. It is within this other world that we might find options to gain income. The storms halt our progress and we decide to wait out the storms.
The next day, the weather is less than optimal, but it is passable. We decide to head north on the road that we have constructed. We make progress for about 24 miles. We make it into the forest, my favorite place to rest. We discover lager camps that are less than trustworthy. We make camp again.

It is now 9/5 and we continue our progress. We make our way into the swamps and it is similar to the forests which I so love to inhabit. Wolves are heard. We prepare for battle!:
I climb into the flora to gain a vantage point. I see only 5, but I know that there are more behind those. The wolves attack the rogue, but she dodges out of the way. The fighter launches himself forward and lunges at one of the wolves, slicing off his ear. The paladin aids the rogue. My arrow flies through the brush, grazing the wolf’s face. The cleric assists our efforts to slay the alpha male, with little success. The rogue then falls into the mud when one of the wolves trips her. The fighter dances around the wolves before slashing at another. The paladin slices at a wolf, causing lethal damage. My arrow flies into the mud, missing every target available. The cleric slams his weapon into a wolf causing it to fall to the ground as a lifeless corpse. The wolf bites the fighter, but he laughs it off, as fighters do. He then proceeds to spin mindlessly, killing one wolf, damaging another. My arrow finds its way into a wolf’s hindquarters. The wolves attack, but they find no mark. The fighter takes his blade to the head of another wolf, killing it where it stands, then saunters over to his next target. The paladin crushes another beneath the weight of his fullblade. He growls at the wolves, scaring them all. My arrow finds the same wolf, making its way into his midsection. The wolf staggers forward as it begins to die. But his resilience is strong. The wolves then run for their lives. My final arrow kills the wolf that has been a thorn in my side since the beginning of the battle. The final wolf is destroyed as the paladin spares no effort in killing him.

We begin to make camp, when something springs yet another attack on our group: As we sit down to eat dinner, a rumble is felt underneath our person. As I look to the right, I discover a band of trolls. FUCK! We’re doomed. The trolls look like an organized band, which is less than desired, The paladin lights his sword on fire… no not that one, the bigger one.
The paladin charges to the front, engaging our menacing foes. I flee up into a tree, but I know that this solution is merely temporary. The fight rages on with the fighter being attacked en masse and I fight off a single troll trying to climb my tree… what a dick. The paladin smites the nasty troll-beings and does a lot of damage to them in the process. The trolls manage to destroy the fighter’s tower shield, but he is hardly fazed, merely pissed. The troll at my feet takes a swing at me and manages to swat at my feet. I fire in response, but my arrow is deflected by his massive forearm. The paladin takes a mighty swing at one troll, cleaving its head in two. The rogue takes an incredible shot at the troll with her awesome rapier, causing critical damage to its parts. The fighter spins wildly causing great chaos amidst the trolls. By this time, the troll at the bottom of the tree has regained his miserable life force, causing me to wonder if fighting against this particular troll is worth the efforts. The cleric is dropped, but the rogue revives him with minimal effort. I decide to focus my attacks elsewhere, but I failed again. The troll at my feet swings wildly and rams his massive hands into my knees, causing them to buckle, but I still remain vigilant. The paladin slices another troll’s face in half. The fighter takes a blow to the head, and it leaves his shoulders. The troll crushes my legs and bashes my head, but I still stand. But one more failed arrow will be the death of me. I miss, and the troll comes back, giving me a concussion and knocking me out.

I am told that my body was dragged away from the scene. They tell me that the paladin eliminated 6 of the 7 trolls, and the rogue finished the last one. I feel less than adequate today.



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