The Age of Kings

Purgatory - Soeron

This week has been the crappiest week I have ever had in my life. Why is it that I say this? The reason being is because I’m dead! Being dead is the worst I am so bored there is nothing to do while I’m dead. I mean man I hope that my comrades got out okay. Well they must have because I don’t see anyone with me at the moment. Damn it dirty good for nothing trolls. Why do I have a deep seeded hatred for trolls other than the obvious reasons you ask? Well, let me tell you. They are the reason that I am in this predicament in the first place. Let me tell you how it happened. It all started earlier this week…

While in Keurig we were dealing with our normal troubles of making a functioning kingdom. The only problems being the taxes keep on getting swindled in some way. Be it from the villagers’ aren’t paying them or someone is corrupt and keeps on lining their own pockets. But, that’s not here nor there and I am getting off track. Now where was I? Ah, yes after we finished our duties that need to be done for the month. We decided to travel to explore more of the land of Landinium. We were doing well enough until some wolves decided to try to ambush us in the swamp we were in. truthfully we defeated those wolves quiet easily to the point they turned tail and ran. Now we were slightly hurt but hey we were still going strong. That was until we stopped to set up our camp.

As we were preparing to eat we smelled something incredibly foul in the air. As we got up we saw what had caused such a pungent odor. It was the trolls I mean we could have taken a couple trolls but there had been around 7 or 8 of those bastards and they were too close to us for us to run away and get away without injury. So we had to fight them for our continued survival. But the unfortunate thing is that these trolls were more adept to fighting by what I could tell from looking at them. They had some semblance of armor on so they had some organization. You can probably tell what happened from the fact that I am dead right now. Yes I fought valiantly and keep 4 trolls on me at one time so that they would not gang up on my comrades as they dealt with the others. I remember that the Kris had killed two trolls before I was taken out.

The reason I say that they had training is because after they found out that they couldn’t hit me so they decided to destroy my shield with their weapons and destroy it they did the first two broke my shield while the last two attacked me directly. I stayed alive for a couple rounds but then I was hit hard enough to behead me. and here I am now bored and recounting how I died.



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