The Age of Kings

nothing really to report

What could we do when nothing worked we made it to Kureig. And what happens a fire breaks out on to the place we have worked on with the help of the people was burned down by the bastards from the fire lord with buddy jesus doing the dirty deed, but then a gain something good came out of this though I am so close to completing this armor for the king of kureig Kris.

After I have complete this work of art I will be making a dimunitive great axe for the squirrel, well because I truly believe that it’s the reincarnation of the half orc Xavkul Mankin because it rages like him at a drop of a hat and seems to stare at the great axe with a sort of longing.

Another thing that we had was a werewolf that came to town and killed prostitutes and such. What shall we do for money though I have a feeling that this is only the begging of the troubles we will see in the future and most likely not the last time we will see of buddy jesus.

I hope we run into this bastard so that we may put him to justice. As well as have a public execution like we did a month prior to the werewolf. But back to the plate armor it is coming together nicely and I have begun to carve out the intricate details of the armor and have almost gotten all the jewels that will be set into this master piece because like I said it has been a long 3 months that I stated in kurieg and not done anything since.

Well we are currently on the road mapping out the area and we have ran into some gnomes that needed help with their carriage. Unfortunately for us we were not able to save the horses or the cargo from being destroyed and drowning with all the wares that were with it. But we did save the gnome from almost going down with his cargo. He only had some miner concussion from getting hit by the panicked horses.

Ah yes I also remember that we ran into a nice old lady that lived in a cottage to the north and she allowed us to stay with her for the night and she fed us as well. She also told us to steer clear of the hermits brother because he is crazy beyond any stretch of the imagination. She also gave a quest to find a certain type of mushroom that she uses in here concoctions she brews and she will pay us quite handsomely for this things with the amount being a 100 gold pieces a pop. Him I think I know what I will do with Kris’s full blade a am creating I think it will be a matching set with the plate armor I am making for him I just hope it dosent take as long as the plate armor is taking to finish. I also hope we wont have any more unforeseen mishaps in kurieg for at least a while



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