The Age of Kings

Korgin's Log

Returning to the sewers to investigate further. Continue exploring the sewers to the West. Still one branch that was left unexplored when previously in the sewers. Furter exploration reveals what looks like a cave-in at the end of one of the tunnels, but opens up into a basement.

Encounter with rats and a crocodile at the cave-in. Grabbed by the crocodile, which proceeded to death roll. Fell unconscious, but revived by Doku. Rats were put to sleep by Loth and drifted away. Party continues to explore into the cave-in. Cave-in leads to a toilet opening above.

Party returns to previous branch to continue exploring other branches. Run into several additional dead-end tunnels before encounter more rats. Defeat the rat swarm, and continue to finish exploring the sewer. Upon completion, party returns to town to collect payment for completion. Earned 1,000 silver pieces each for completion. Party does some shoping in town before returning to see if there is any additional work to be done around the city.

After Gideon, the city engineer is excited with the clearing of the sewers, and has arranged to have a group of excavators to go clear the path that could not be passed previously. Captain Stern has asked the group to meet him at Isca’s Hold after dinner to discuss additional employment. Goblins have captured approximately a dozen miners. Rumors say that they are being held in the mine, and have a steep ransom per miner to release them. The Burnt Tree Clan are the culprits.

Party leave the city the following morning to make way to the mines. First day passes uneventfully, and the party makes camp for the night. Broken glass in the woods, and something scurried up a tree. No sign of anything in the tree upon investigation, but find a broken bottle at the base of the tree. Remainder of the night passed uneventfully.

Party continues to travel toward the mine the following day. Travels are uneventful again, and party makes camp for the evening. During Loth’s watch he sees a twinkle of light out of the corner of his eye, and then it is gone. Loth and Nalren wake the rest of the party to investigate. There is a glowing ball of cold light behind a rock. Elise identifies it as a Willow-whisp. Elise and Loth both dropped by the whisp, but an unknown, small creature arrived and chased away the whisp to save the party. Perhaps it was the rummored heoric barbarian squirrel. Remainder of the night is uneventful, but Loth is stricken with Filth Fever from ecounters with the sewer rats.

The following day the party continues toward the mine in the rain. When approaching the mine a thundering trumpet sound can be heard the the distance. The sound can be made out as Gronk. Nalren and Elise attempt to scout ahead to get closer to the mine entrance. They try to pick off a couple of the goblins at the entrance, and alert the goblins beginning a battle. One goblin manages to flee farther into the mine to sound an alert. Party hurries to obtain a position above the entrance to the cave, in hopes of being able to launch an ambush on any hostiles that may exit.



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