The Age of Kings

Korgin's Log

Party is proceeding into the mine. Nalren scouts ahead of the rest of the party. He comes back to the entrance being trailed by a couple of goblins and several hobgoblins. Loth badly poisined by goblin arrows, and Nalren badly hurt by hobgoblins. One goblin managed to escape farther into the cave.

Further exploration leads the party to a door where goblin whispers can be heard on the other side. Doku bluffs room service at the door, and when they open unleash a burning hands spell into the room. Gun powder kegs ingnite killing the golblins, and injuring a large part of the party. Loth severely injured and can barely travel on his own.

After clearing the rubble the party continues to explore further. Reach another cave in further into the mine. There are voices coming from the other side of the cave in. Water trickles in through some of the cracks that have formed in the walls. Discussions about a decendant rising and a skull (Could it be the ledgendary witch possesed skull?). Party continues to explore into the tunnels that have not been collapsed. Find a cavern with crates of food supplies and water, and a side room of goblin prostitues. Rogue breaks the lock with them inside in hopes that they can’t sneak out in the middle of trying to rest. There is also a locked iron door. Behind the iron door is a room that appears to be an office. There is a nice leather couch and an armor rack. Masterwork splintmail armor, a masterwork battle axe, and a pouch of gold, platinum, and a potion of strength. Also find a journal of a hedge wizard that contains notes and several spells. Party settles in and rests for the night.

Party turns back to explore the other branch into the mines. Necromancer Bone Staff glowed all night, but as the party heads away from the cave-in the glow begins to fade. At some point the party needs to pursue this route. Party reaches another cavern with straw and drag marks everywhere. It would seem that this may have been where the goblins were living, or keeping the miners held captive. One of the side chambers contains six dead miners. Other rooms are empty, except one has a jammed door. The ranger chops the door down. There is a decomposing corpse that was holding a dresser in front of the door to blockade it.

Party proceeds to explore other tunnels that have not been explored, and that are not blocked. Arrive at a set of doors. Several wooden side doors, and a stone door is blocking the way forward. The wooden doors contain nothing of interest. Stone door opens into a very large chamber that appears to be a dinning hall. A side room that looks to have been the kitchen contains nothing except a couple of boxes of copper and silver. This was the last of the areas not blocked by the cave-in.

Party returns to the cave-in, and the Necromancer Bone Staff begins to glow again. Begin clearing the blockage to proceed further into the mines beyond. The passage branches beyond, and one opens up into a room where goblins had previously made beds. The other branch leads further into the mine.

As the party continues down the passage there is a voice that says, “The Chosen is here”. The room contains several goblins and a bugbear. One of the goblins is wearing black chainmail. The bugbear has a deformed goblin on his back with a skull that he is telling to shut up. The group appears to be making its’ last stand in this chamber.



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