The Age of Kings

Korgin's Log

Introduced to the rest of the party who is investigating serwers below the city. In search of more evidence of Abbysal Dwarven runes. Eleven wizard has also been assigned to assist with the investigation.

After exploring for a short time the party makes it way back to the location of a crack in the wall that led them previously to an encounter with a clockwork dwarf. No sign that the clockwork soldier has repaired itself since the previous encounter with it. Further exploration leads the group to rubble and damaged machine parts littering the passageways. Also discover ancient writting on the walls. Indication of some form of entrance to a Dwarven temple. Had been no previous indications that there was ancient civilization in this part of the world.

Encounter with a millipede and rats at the the location of the runes. Elise almost toppled by the rats. From the ecounter the party returns to the previous fork and venture the other direction into an open cavern. Passage leading out of the cavern also has a fork. Fork to the left leads to another dead end. Other path leads into a small cavern that will require squeezing to fit in. Path on the other side bends to the right to where the party cannot see ahead.

Party returns back to prior to the first tight passage to explore other passages that were not previously explored. After exploring furhter into the passages, one of the ends at a wooden door. The door is jammed and no response upon knocking. After a short time prying at the door Elise is able to open the door. Within the room beyond there are posters of Buddy Jesus on the walls. Boxes and candles point to people having stayed in this room at one point or another. Likely worshipers of Buddy Jesus.

While investigating the room a swarm of rats attack the party. While casting Burning Hands the sewer gases are ignited. Rats are whiped out, but Elise, Nalren and myself badly burned in the process. After encounter party finished searching the room, but nothing is found other than the Buddy Jesus propaganda. Party decides to attempt to return to the city above.

In process of returning the party encounters additional rats and another millipede. Party manages to escape from the sewers to spend two days recovering in town. After two days the party is informed that they will loose their job if the do not return to the sewers to finish clearing the vermin.



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