The Age of Kings


Winter has come early this year, and the snows began falling in Keurig only two short weeks after the fall equinox. The harvests had been adequate, but the troll-king had extracted a heavy tax that left the town elders scrambling to logistically feed the population, which now boasted over three-thousand people, through the long winter. It has become apparent that the troll-king and his “kingdom” of beastland monsters must be dealt with and soon.

Captain Stern pushed to have messengers dispatched for the southlands and to the King in Landinium to call for aid. As the kingdom originally funded the founding of Keurig, it would be in their best interests to help solve the troll-king problem before it gets too far out of hand.

Three months have passed since the adventures in the kobold lair and the rescue of the local children from sacrifice to the nefarious monsters’ twisted gods. Much has happened in those three months, other than political maneuvering on the part of the surrounding monsters.

The Troll-King has established a base of operations in the ruined bandit keep north of town. This is led by a brutish female ogre named Sue whom it is rumored is one of the Troll-King’s wives (and very ruthless she is, which is probably why she is the head of the troll-king’s southern operations)

The town of Keurig had a small population boost, which has caused an entire district to be built. The eastern wall was expanded out to include this new district, now known as the Sky District, and many buildings have been quickly built to include a wooden tower with bright red slate roof that is the home of a scholar named Brunsun. Brunsun was called in from Landinium to help decipher the ancient texts and riddles of the discovered abyssal dwarven dungeon.

The Sky District’s buildings are a bit nicer than the rest of the town, with kept lawns, stone bases for the houses, stained glass, and more guard patrols. Many of the new residents have brought their own personal bodyguards which have been enlisted in the town guard under Captain Stern.

The central inn has remained as always the base of operations for any adventuring group. Thrice burnt to the ground, it stands in defiance to the elements and to the wilderness.

A new adventuring group has begun exploring the area and was hired by the town to help map out and gain information on the dungeon underneath the town. They lost three of their number completing this task, but have unearthed a trove of artifacts which the town scholars have been examining.

The group, known as the Company of the Silvered Steel, is now composed of four members. They are led by Faustus, a cleric of the Order of White. He is dressed in silvered plate armor and wears a snow-white cloak. His shield bears the emblem of the white dragon and his helm is like many of the knights and paladins of his order: a pair of silvered dragon wings rises from its crest.

Juliai dresses in white gowns and likes her jewelry. She is very charismatic but it is also whispered that she is very knowledgeable in the arts of poison and dagger play.

Broom-Hilda is a hulking woman that some say is part ogre, though saying that to her face would be an unwise venture. She wields a massive sledge maul and wears beat up armor. Her husband was Ruthkar, who was killed recently exploring the abyssal dwarf dungeon.

Octavion is a slight built man that wears a featureless mask of white ivory. His voice is a rasp. He walks with a limp and appears to be quite lame physically. He does, however, have a mind for machines and aids his group with inventions and contraptions as well as being a gifted alchemist.

What this company discovered was that the complex underneath Keurig was massive. They uncovered many long dead corpses, and a treasure trove of journals and papers and books detailing the place.

The name “Hallastar” came up quite a bit and as it turns out, signs point to this man architecting an extensive labyrinth designed with the goal of killing people for sport. It also turns out that centuries ago, the complex was built underneath another city named “Waterdeep”.

This is perplexing as there is no shoreline for hundreds of miles. Was the area once home to a port city? If so, how long ago? How old is this complex exactly, and how deep does it go?

As winter settles in around Keurig, the time for answers is forthcoming. A portal was discovered recently which led to another portion of the dungeon not yet explored. A room with tattered and rotten tapestries was reported as being on the other end of the portal but that was as far as the exploration team went.

So much remains unanswered…



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