The Age of Kings

Downtime and Problems

Let’s see what we have been doing so far. First of all I’ve finished some more items. Like my tower Shield that was so rudely destroyed by those little bastard quicklings. I’m also trying to figure out the best armor I can wear so I can begin crafting it. But I have to weigh the pros and cons of each armor I’m not sure what I will do. We have also found out some startling evidence in the form of a buddy Jesus cult started in our very own town of Keurig.

Let’s see from what I can gather from everything that happened over the past three or so months is that we were tipped off or more specifically Paikea was tipped off and we just kind of followed her to the place. Now when we got there two people were guarding the entrance to the cult hideout. Speaking of them I believe that they are now working for Paikea after she intimidated them, but I digress. Now the weird thing is that there was a gnome leading the congregation of people and telling them the greatness of Buddy Jesus. At first we thought he was the one and only Buddy Jesus however that was incorrect. He just seemed to be someone that was a prophet for him. Now that was not a problem in its self.

Later on as we were searching around I for some reason got a little thirsty as did Alanna. But for some reason I thought it would have been a bad idea to drink such a concoction. How right my gut feeling was. It would seem that there was something weird about it. It made here talk about baby seals and had a faraway look in her eyes. While that was happening I believe Kris had Xavian erect a zone of truth from a scroll. We found out that this little bastard was the reason that our town was burned down and ruined in the first place. So when he tried to run he was stopped and sent to our jail.

When it was time for him to be tried and executed for his transgressions against Keurig and the people of the town. We find out unfortunately that Alanna helped the bastard escape. From what I could gather is that the guards allowed her to take him out to be tried. We however do not know the reason she would betray us. But I believe I have an idea since Xavian found out what the drink was a concoction of distilled souls that is very addictive when ingested. When she returned she played the fool however I don’t think she could lie to well. Now we have a dilemma on our hands. We have to find out where he is because we can’t have someone like him running around free after what we found out the things he has done. But we also have to find a way to cure the addictive properties of this drink. Or I believe that Alanna will become a liability in our town.



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