The Age of Kings

almost died again - Soreon

Damn what’s with every creature we go after choosing me as their toy to play with? Let us see after before I died 4 trolls decided they wanted me as the ball for four square. That is what led to my demise. After they destroyed my shield they took my head from my body. But I guess something good came out of it. For now I am touched by the fey because of the sacred place my comrades brought me to be revived. Hopefully I don’t just get a tattoo of a unicorn on my arm. Now that I am back though I do feel strangely empowered, but I also kind of feel sluggish from what had happened to me. It is kind of like when you first wake up in the morning and you just can’t seem to wake yourself up. It feels incredible weird though.

But because of this new sluggishness that I have I was almost barbecued by another hydra but this one had nine heads on its body. Unfortunately that meant two to five flamethrowers that are coming at my person. And as everyone knows my name is not Paikea and therefore I am not the most agile person on the planet especially with my armor that I have on. So in turn it got a little more than toasty while in the armor that I wear as the battle continued on. I didn’t even get to see the end of battle at all, because like I said I was a little more than char broiled by the end of the fight and there for I didn’t see the end. But I heard from my comrades that I was lucky because our resident cleric Xavian almost didn’t make it to the end of the battle. This meant he almost couldn’t heal our bodies that were burnt to a crisp.

Strangely though we haven’t really ran into anything that has tried to kill us for a little while. It must be the calm before the storm as people say because where we are headed will be littered with things that will be trying to kill us. But hey this is what we signed up for being adventurers and leaders within a city and all that comes with it. Hmmm… I wonder what kind of resistance we will face when we head to where we are to heading. The sad thing is I don’t remember why we are heading to but I know the reason is because we need money and treasure for Keurig. The only reason it is for Keurig though is because we keep getting stiffed on the tax collection be it from corrupt individuals or the villagers are not paying the money.

Well I will know when we get there I think it must be because of my dying I forgot some things that we were doing. Oh well I guess I only need to know that we are going somewhere to get money and treasure.



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